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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is the body that has overall responsibility for the University’s approach to pay

As part of this role, it takes decisions on the pay of the most senior individuals in the University, including the Vice-Chancellor.

The primary role of the Committee is to establish appropriate frameworks and policies for remuneration. It oversees the application of these by University’s management and confirms that they are being applied in an appropriate manner. University policy is that no-one is involved in setting their own pay, so the Committee also takes the responsibility for setting the levels of remuneration for the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellors and the Chief Operating Officer.

There is a separate senior management committee (Professorial and Senior Salary Committee) which has responsibility for applying the policies and standards set by the Remuneration Committee.

The Remuneration Committee is established by and answerable to the Council, which has overall accountability for the University, but has sufficient authority to act autonomously.

The full terms of reference of the Remuneration Committee can be found in the Committee Constitutions of Major Committees.


The Remuneration Committee has five members, who are fully independent of the management of the University. The Chair of the Committee is a senior independent member of the Council and the terms of reference for the Committee prevent this post from being held by the Chair of the Council.

The Head of Leadership and Staff Development, or another member of the Human Resources team of an equivalent level, is Secretary to the Committee. Other members of university management may be required to attend the Remuneration Committee to inform it and provide technical assistance, but they do not take part in any decision making. They are required to leave the room for discussions on their own salary.

Senior staff pay policy

Senior Staff Pay Policy

Cardiff University senior staff pay policy from 2017.