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Research Wales Innovation Fund Strategy 2023/24-2027/28

Research, innovation and civic mission are central to our Way Forward 2018/23 strategy.

We are committed to playing an active role in supporting Wales’ revival and renewal after the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The following principles underpin our three-year strategy to deliver innovation for all:

  • placing research excellence at the heart of our innovation activities, integrating co-production into our civic mission activities, and continuing to develop greater connectivity across all three areas of the strategy;
  • strategic knowledge exchange activities strengthened by our external partnerships with businesses, charities and civil society organisations, as well as Welsh Government, Cardiff Capital Region, NHS, WIN, GW4 and Western Gateway;
  • growth in collaborative research awards, as well as commercial activity via start-ups and spin-outs, and other income-generating activities;
  • supporting local communities to prosper through coproduced initiatives that put citizens’ needs and voices at their core;
  • delivering impact from innovative training and support for staff and students, enhancing engagement with external organisations, complemented by high-quality CPD to grow skills and widen access to research expertise of value to the Welsh economy

The delivery of this ambitious plan is made possible by a grant from the Research Wales Innovation Fund from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW).

Research Wales Innovation Fund Strategy 2023/24 – 2027/28

An outline of our guiding principles and how we will implement the Research Wales Innovation Fund Strategy 2023/24 – 2027/28.