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Vice-Chancellor's salary

We are committed to transparency with regard to the remuneration of senior staff, including that of the Vice-Chancellor, and publish these annually in the university’s financial statements.

The salary for the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Larner is £290,000 per annum.

The Vice-Chancellor's base salary, and the resulting pay ratio to the median staff salary, is benchmarked against the Russell Group, where the average base salary is circa £370,000 per annum, including payments in lieu of pensions.

Salary reviewAn annual review of base pay in relation to the market as part of Senior Salary Review (SSR)
National Pay AwardYes, the same as for other staff
Biennial performance reviewIncluded in Senior Salary Review (SSR) performance review (every 2 years). 
PensionEligible for USS Membership
Private healthcareYes, with family included
Relocation allowance£8,000 tax free allowance as per standard arrangements for other Professorial/Senior Staff plus international relocation allowance agreed by Chair of Council
CarUse of a University car which is also available to University Executive Board Members
Travel expensesClass of travel and regulations as for other staff
Other benefitsNone
SabbaticalAs for other staff
Remuneration for external responsibilitiesConsidered on a case-by-case basis and approved by Chair of Council
Start date01 September 2023
TermFor an initial period of 5 years from 01/09/23 to 31/08/28.  The period of office may be extended for a period of 5 years to 31/08/33, following review by the Vice Chancellor and the Chair of Council on or before the end of February 2027.

This remuneration package has been determined according to a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • the leadership, management and academic experience within the higher education sector
  • the breadth of leadership responsibilities for one of the UK’s largest universities consisting of 33,985 students and 5,945 FTE staff; as well as a global community of 205,000 alumni in more than 200 countries
  • the financial responsibilities for an institution with an annual income of over £625 million; and which contributes more than £3.7 billion to the UK economy, generating £6.40 for every £1 we spend and supports 1 in 135 jobs in Wales

Salaries for senior staff and the Vice-Chancellor are set by the Remuneration Committee - part of the university’s Council, its governing body - which comprises independent external members of Council, who possess commercial and public sector pay knowledge and expertise, whose terms of reference can be found within the university’s ordinances. The Vice-Chancellor is not in attendance for, and does not play any part in, the discussions and decisions of their own remuneration.