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Cardiff University Pension

The Cardiff University Pension Scheme is available to all staff from grades 1-4.

You will automatically become a member when you start your employment at the university. The Cardiff University Pension Scheme is administered by Legal and General.

The Cardiff University Pension Fund (CUPF) has been closed to new members as of 1 March 2022.

How does the market turmoil affect my CUPF pension?

I am sure you have noticed the significant market turmoil following the UK Government’s ‘mini budget’ and have read in the press about the impact on pension funds.

You may be aware that the Bank of England has intervened, and that the Government has made reversals to the proposed policy changes outlined in the mini budget. This has calmed the markets. Events are still fast moving but please be reassured that our Trustees, supported by our advisors, are monitoring the situation daily, and taking appropriate action, as necessary.

The funding position of our pension scheme is strong, and the ability to pay pensions benefits remains secure. Cardiff University as sponsor continues to stand behind the scheme and has the financial strength to support the scheme in the long run.

There is therefore no reason for members to be concerned – we will make sure that we continue to keep you updated on any notable changes.

Statement of Investment Principles (SIP)

The SIP details the policies which control how a pension scheme invests.

The SIP sets out the principles governing how decisions about investments are made and has been prepared in accordance with all relevant legislation and best-practice guidelines.

It will be reviewed by the Trustees at least every three years or after any significant change in the investment approach.

Cardiff University Pension Fund: Statement of Investment Principles - October 2023

This Statement of Investment Principles sets out the policy of the Trustees on matters governing decisions about the investments of the Cardiff University Pension Fund.

Reports and statements

Cardiff University Pension Fund: Funding statement summary - April 2022

A funding statement summary produced by Deloitte for the Cardiff University Pension Fund, April 2022.

Cardiff University Pension Fund: Annual ESG report - November 2023

This document provides a high-level summary of these policies for each of the investment managers.

Cardiff University Pension Fund: Implementation Statement 2022

This Statement has been prepared by the Trustees with the assistance of their appointed Investment Consultant (Quantum Advisory).

Cardiff University Pension Fund: Annual report and financial statements 2022

Annual report and financial statements for the year ended 31 July 2022.

Members of staff can access more information about the pension fund via the staff intranet.