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Our research spans the breadth of psychology - from synapse to society, and is pursued within ten interlinking themes.


Behavioural neuroscience

We analyse the processes of attention, cognition, emotion, learning, memory, and motivation.

Brain cross section

Brain imaging

We research imaging optimisation, neurophysiological imaging and neurotransmitter function and clinical and cognitive imaging.

Woman attaching an EEG cap and electrodes to a male study participant's head

Cognitive neuroscience

Our work spans normal and neuropsychological studies into the neural mechanisms of memory, perception, attention, decision making, action control and social communication.

Social and Emotional

Cognitive science

We explore fundamental questions about psychological processes including how decisions are made and how memory arises.


Developmental science

We research human cognitive, motor and pro-social development from conception to adulthood.

Ultra sound

Health psychology

Our research includes the study of reproductive health, health factors affecting human performance, and health-related behaviours.


Human factors

Our research aims to explore the interaction between humans and technology.

Health psych

Mental health and clinical psychology

We study the development of mental health problems and a range of mental health issues.


Perception and action

We study vision, hearing, touch, balance and motor control and decisions.

Environmental image

Social psychology, risk and environment

We undertake research across the discipline that focuses on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings.