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Impact at the School of Psychology

Our researchers are working across the spectrum of psychology to tackle major challenges facing society and the environment. These case studies highlight just some of the areas where we are delivering positive research impact.

Older woman using a smart speaker

Exploring smart technology in social care settings

The handbook provides evidence-based insights on smart tech’s advantages for people with a learning disability and practical guidance for optimal outcomes.

Sensory Room

Sensory room guide - supporting the learning and wellbeing of autistic children

The Guide provides evidence-based suggestions for using sensory rooms with autistic children.

Young child lining up cars on a sofa.

Measuring repetitive behaviours across the lifespan

The Repetitive Behaviour Questionnaire-3 (RBQ-3) is used widely in clinical practice across the world, as well as by researchers and the general population.

A firefighter carrying equipment walks away from a fire engine toward a building.

Improving decision-making in the emergency services

Our ground-breaking research has improved how the emergency services think, behave, and respond in emergency situations.

Silhouette of child holding hands with adults

Adopting Together: supporting the adoption of children who wait the longest

Our research has strengthened adoption services across Wales by finding permanent homes for children who typically wait the longest for a family.

Birthday Party logo

Improving autism assessment and awareness

Our researchers improved professional practice of autism using a coordinated set of diagnostic and awareness-raising tools.

Plastic in ocean

Reducing single-use plastic waste

Our research underpinned the UK Government’s policy change of charging for single-use plastics.

Wind farm

Bringing public engagement to the forefront of environmental policy change

Our research drove policy makers’ decision making by revealing strong public support for some of the major changes required for the UK to meet its net zero target.

Family together

Integrating fertility knowledge to address Japan’s birth rate crisis

Our researchers improved fertility knowledge in Japan to help increase its declining birth rate.

Helping children thrive in the classroom

Working with children and educators to help pupils get the very best from their time at school.

Other projects

These are some of our other research projects which have had a positive impact on society.

Visual Vertigo image

Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (visual vertigo) project

We are a team of researchers who aim to understand, diagnose and treat visual vertigo using virtual reality.


Thorns and flowers

The Thorns and Flowers project explores the use of an arts and drawing workshop to understand the infertility experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Women.


Seize the future

Seize the future is an online app to support people who do not manage to conceive with fertility treatment.

Audio device

Turn an Ear to Hear

How hearing-impaired listeners can exploit head orientation to enhance their speech intelligibility in noisy social settings.


Moments of Change for pro-environmental behaviour shifts (MOCHA)

Achieving pro-environmental lifestyle changes through understanding and harnessing ‘moments of change’ in life circumstances.

Workers on a boat at sea

Tackling the challenge of tiredness at sea

How our research into tiredness has helped create better policies and safer systems for mariners.

Kangia - Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland

Prompting action on climate change

Research has revealed a 'governance trap' hindering action on climate change.