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Learn a language this summer

Summer Languages
Summer Languages

This summer we’re offering intensive language courses in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish at different levels of ability, from beginners to more advanced.

Courses will run over one or two weeks during June and July and will be short, intensive and enjoyable!

This summer our language conversation courses will be taught in-person by expert native-speaking tutors and alongside fellow language enthusiasts.

Courses to suit all abilities

Our courses start with absolute beginner level and go through to advanced:

  • absolute beginners
  • post-beginners
  • improvers
  • intermediate
  • higher intermediate
  • lower advanced
  • advanced.

Check the course description to see which course is right for you.

Available courses

Chinese Practical Speaking

This module is for you if you want to improve your Mandarin pronunciation and tones as well as daily oral communication skills in Mandarin.

French for Improvers

This course is for you if you can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.

French Higher Intermediate

Between Intermediate and Advanced, this level is designed for students who feel they need to brush up on some of the basic grammar points and gain confidence in their spoken French.

Italian Conversation Advanced

This course will give you an intensive learning experience if you can speak Italian at an advanced level (for students who have studied Italian for more than 4+years).

Italian for Improvers Conversation

This intensive course is for you if you have attended one year of part-time study or you have a very basic knowledge of Italian.

Spanish Intermediate Conversation

This intensive course is for you if you have attended three years of part-time study and you can communicate in routine tasks requiring a direct exchange of information on familiarity and routine matters.

Welsh courses for adults

We offer short taster sessions as well as courses for beginners through to fluent Welsh speakers who would like to improve their Welsh.