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Important Terms and Conditions of enrolment


All enrolments must be accompanied by payment and enrolment should preferably be undertaken prior to the first class. Where payment by instalment has been agreed, then the payment of the second instalment is due as full payment of the course regardless of whether or not all classes have been attended.

Course cancellations and refunds

We reserve the right to cancel or curtail courses. When this happens we will issue a full or partial refund as appropriate.

Student withdrawal and refunds

If you wish to withdraw from a course, written notification must be received at least 5 working days prior to the beginning of the course and we will then process your refund. At busy periods your refund may take up to four weeks to process and will be subject to a £10 administration charge.

Once a course has started, we will no longer issue a refund to a student who decides to withdraw.

Transfer requests

Once a course has started, we may be able to grant transfers to another course under certain circumstances e.g. the level is not appropriate.

Please note that transfers will not automatically be agreed in all circumstances, and requests should be submitted in writing to (although students can phone in the case of urgent requests).

If a transfer is granted and the new course fee is the same, or lower, there will be no charge. If the new course fee is higher then the balance must be paid in full. Please also note that you will only be able to transfer a course fee once. Transfers are usually valid for 12 months.

Booking confirmation and location of classes

We will contact you if we cannot accept your enrolment for any reason.

If you have not received your confirmation of booking prior to the start of the course you should attend the first meeting at the time, date and location stated.

Timetables will be displayed in the Lifelong Learning building, the John Percival building, and any other University building indicating which rooms classes have been assigned to, and you should look for the room number of your class on these when you attend for the first session.


You are required to declare any unspent conviction only if there are restrictions in place that may impact on your ability to undertake any element of your programme of study.

If you have any restrictions on being able to access the internet or to use tools such as email, you are required to let the university know.

You must also let the University know if there are any restrictions in place in terms of curfews, and/or, being able to enter locations/or areas (including restraining orders) that would impact your ability to be able to attend any element of your course.