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The PARC Institute and RemakerSpace are dedicated to creating a sustainable world by finding the right solutions to society’s grand challenges, and by bridging the gap between theory and practice in logistics and manufacturing operations management.

DSV is one of the biggest logistics and transport players in the global market. The professional development of their staff is of paramount importance.

The Solutions Accelerate Program has been created to educate the Logistics leaders of tomorrow. By participating in this program, early career DSV professionals learn on the job, combined with training, mentoring and projects. All of this is delivered in an international environment. As part of the programme, every year the young professionals visit Cardiff Business School’s PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics and Inventory where they get a better idea of how Cardiff University and DSV are working together and where they are trained in analytics and management science.

Class of 2023

Graduation day

DSV graduates with their caps

On Friday the 26th of January, we had to say goodbye to the 2023 Accelerate Trainees. Their graduation was the culmination of a year packed full of training, projects, assignments, and presentations.

The graduates spent a week in Venlo undertaking one final training course and preparing for their virtual project presentations. The first three days of Graduation Week, they followed a training course about the practical application of continuous improvement tools, including Lean, Six Sigma. The training included many practical activities which were positively received.

The most exciting day of the week had arrived. In the meeting room where the presentations are held, Albert-Derk Bruin (Executive Vice President, Business Strategy Excellence and Change Management), Brian Ejsing (CEO, Solutions Division), Rene Vullers (Director, Process Design & Deploy, Solutions Global), Tobias de Neef (Senior Director, DSV Sigma, Business Change Management, Solutions Global) and Professor Aris Syntetos from Cardiff University (Distinguished Research Professor, DSV Chair) were waiting for the presentations to get started. During that day, all the groups presented the outcomes of the virtual project that they have been working on over the past three months.

The presentations went very well, and the time had finally come. Each Young Professional was called forward in turn and Albert-Derk Bruin handed them their well-deserved certificate. And of course, it wouldn’t be a graduation ceremony without a photo of the Young Professionals throwing their square graduation hats (or mortarboards) up into the air. It was a fantastic week!

"Working with colleagues from industry and influencing real-world practices is the raison d'être of the PARC Institute, and one of the main objectives of Cardiff University's strategic partnership with DSV. I was delighted to attend the graduation event in Venlo and proud to see another group of amazing and talented young people from DSV becoming part of Cardiff Business School's 'family'. On behalf of Cardiff University: congratulations to all. Well done!"

Professor Aris Syntetos, Distinguished Research Professor, DSV Chair

“Our training at Cardiff University was amazing. It was a week full of knowledge, learning about the circular economy, forecasting, and transportation among other topics. And understanding how the academy and businesses can join forces to work together to identify opportunities and improvements was really interesting to me.” Juliana Garcia, DSV participant.”

Congratulations to all of you from the PARC team for your efforts and hard work. We are wishing you a successful future and please keep in touch!

Lecture attendees.
DSV 2023 cohoort

Cardiff week

2023 DSV Future leaders sharpen skills with Business School experts.

Cardiff University’s PARC Institute hosted the Accelerate Programme from 5 to 9 June 2023. Cohort members received training and attended workshops on the following:

  • forecasting for circular economy
  • operations management
  • inventory planning
  • transportation planning
  • manufacturing management

Professor Rachel Ashworth, Dean and Head of School stated: “Cardiff Business School was delighted to welcome the brilliant DSV Accelerate cohort to Cardiff University once again. The programme is a long-standing example of our fruitful partnership with DSV and showcases the excellent outcomes we can achieve together."

The training was led by Professor Aris Syntetos, Dr Daniel Eyers, Dr Thanos Goltos, Dr Qinyun Li, and Professor Emrah Demir.

As part of the programme, the cohort visited RemakerSpace and Cardiff Business School’s PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics and Inventory.

The 5 days of training concluded with presentations from the students. Professor Rachel Ashworth, Dean and Head of Cardiff Business School hosted the closing ceremony, with certificates given out by Accelerate Programme board member, Ralph Schouren.

Alejandra Aguilar, Project Specialist, DSV said:

“The lectures were really interesting. We learned about prognostics, circular economy, manufacturing, 3D printing, and transportation. The research that is done at the university plays a big role in industry and in the students as well because they’re getting prepared for being leaders in the future."

The PARC Institute and RemakerSpace are dedicated to creating a sustainable world by finding circular economic solutions to society’s grand challenges, bridging the gap between theory and practice in logistics and manufacturing operations management.

DSV 2023

Class of 2022

PARC Institute hosts Accelerate, DSV's international graduate training programme.

From the 23 to the 27 of January, the PARC Institute hosted the last week of training along with the graduation ceremony of the very first year of DSV’s Accelerate Program.

The Accelerate Program has been developed to identify and nurture new talent in DSV. It is a one-year program focusing on networking, training, and projects in an international setting. This first year, DSV had a group of eight Young Professionals (YPs) from across the world.

The week started with a warm welcome at SPARK were the YPs got a better idea of how Cardiff University and DSV are working together. Later, they visited the RemakerSpace where they had the opportunity to see our 3D-printers in practice and got a good flavour of re-manufacturing and work in circular economy. After the introductory day, the YPs attended various lectures around PARC’s areas of expertise: Transportation optimisation and management, Forecasting, Inventory, Manufacturing and Re-Manufacturing. The underlying theme was Circular Economy, and Environmental Sustainability.

The seminars were designed and delivered by Professors Aris Syntetos, and Emrah Demir, and Drs Dan Eyers, Thanos Goltsos, Qinyun Li, and the DSV coordinator, Antonis Siakallis, who is based permanently in the PARC Institute in Aberconway.

At the end of the week, the Dean of Cardiff Business School, Professor Rachel Ashworth, handed the certificates and together with the DSV Accelerate Program Board Manager, Ralph Schouren, closed the graduation ceremony. Along with their certificate, all YPs received a Cardiff University logo printed in our own RemakerSpace 3D printers.

Congratulations to all of you from the PARC team. We are wishing you a successful future and please keep in touch!

We are now looking forward to meeting and hosting the next cohort of DSV’s Accelerate team!

The PARC Institute

Accelerate people in from of Business Building
Accelerate people outside building
Accelerate people outside