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Upcoming events

PARC delivers “Accelerate” training to DSV employees

January 2023

The PARC institute, in collaboration with DSV, designs and delivers purpose specific seminars, including on areas such as: Inventory forecasting, Route optimisation, Circular economy. The aim is to inform and educate relevant staff on the cutting-edge scientific developments on the subject areas and provide training towards their adoption. The seminars are designed and delivered by Professors Aris Syntetos, Emrah Demir, and Drs Dan Eyers and Thanos Goltsos, and other PARC collaborators.

4th IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research

27-28 April 2023, Conference Aston, Birmingham

For more information please visit the IMA event website

ISIR 2023 Summer School - Call for Papers

Mitigating inventory uncertainty through whole systems thinking

24-28 July 2023, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

The total value of inventories in developed nations is around 15% of their GDP! Tiny savings in such investment have enormous economic implications. But with global disruptions, including more recently Brexit, the covid-19 pandemic, war in Europe and the subsequent economic crisis, the ability to control and manage such inventories requires different ways of thinking to make the whole supply chain more resilient to disruptions.

The International Society for Inventories Research (ISIR) is a community of scientists that are interested in all aspects of inventory management; from inventory modelling to pricing, and from financial research to relevant (macro-)economic issues, and indeed one of the founding people of the Society and first President was Kenneth Arrow.

Organised and hosted by Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, on behalf of the ISIR, the 16th ISIR PhD Summer School will be held in the capital city of Cardiff, Wales, UK, from 24th July to 28th July 2023.

For more information please take a look at the full call for papers.

Past events

GW4 Technology Workshop

Technology-Enabled Circularity: Digitalisation and Sustainability

December 2022

We are building a new community, drawing together scholars and industry practitioners interested in digitalisation and sustainability. The past decade has seen renewed interest both in more sustainable approaches to economic growth and in technological progress towards ‘Industry 4.0’. Sustainability is of critical importance to the climate change crisis, with academic focus including economic and social sustainability of manufacturing, food production and national and local resilience in the context of supply chain disruption.

Part of a series of interdisciplinary workshops, we are announcing a call for participants for our third workshop focused on Industry practices, innovations and aspirations this increasingly significant area. The event brings together leading scholars from across the sustainability and digital research areas with industry practitioners.

42nd International Symposium on Forecasting

July 2022 - Oxford, England

The International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF) is the premier forecasting conference, attracting the world’s leading forecasting researchers, practitioners, and students. Through a combination of keynote speaker presentations, academic sessions, workshops, and social programs, the ISF provides many excellent opportunities for networking, learning, and fun. The conference this year is co-sponsored by Cardiff Business School and attended by PARC’s Professor Aris Syntetos, Dr Thanos Goltsos, and Dr Bahman Rostami-Tabar.

Dr Bahman Rostami-Tabar, PARC contributor and chair of the Forecasting for Social Good (F4SG) section of the IIF, is organising a special workshop on “Forecasting for Social Good”.

21st International Symposium on Inventories

August 2022 - Budapest, Hungary

The International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR) organizes its 21st International Symposium on Inventories, the only scholarly forum in the world focusing directly on inventories. The professional objective of organizing this Symposium is to provide a forum for an international exchange of ideas on various aspects of inventories. Professor Aris Syntetos is chairing the inventory-forecasting section of the conference and this year we have an exciting list of presentations. Do join us if you can.

May 2022 – Quarterly Forecasting Forum of the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF)

The PARC Institute and Cardiff University were honoured and happy to host the latest quarterly meeting of the UK branch of the IIF, on Friday the 20th of May, 2022, in SPARK. The event featured presentations from IIF members including PARC’s Dr Thanos Goltsos on “Forecasting for lead-time period by temporal aggregation: Whether to combine and how”. The hybrid event was well attended and followed by an equally well attended social event at the Pen and Wig pub!

2nd International Workshop on Forecasting for Social Good

24 June - 25 June 2021 (virtually/online)

Following a successful workshop in Cardiff, UK and the International Journal of Forecasting's special issue on Forecasting for Social Good we are pleased to announce the 2nd biannual Workshop on Forecasting for Social Good. The goal of this workshop is to improve the research and practice in issues related to forecasting for social good by facilitating interactions between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to develop a cohesive and sustainable network of international collaborations.

The International Workshop on Forecasting for Social Good (FSG) will take place on 24-25 June 2021, virtually. This event is being co-sponsored by the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF). The goal of this workshop is to improve the research and practice in issues pertaining to forecasting for social good.

General chairs

The Future of Supply Chains

March 2020, Temple of Peace, Cardiff

Cardiff Business School's Logistics and Operations Management Section are leading pioneering research into the latest advances within supply chains. Join us on Tuesday 24 March where we will share our insights and progress, in partnership with the industry managers that collaborate with us such as DSV/Panalpina, Ocado, Accolade Wines and Yeo Valley. This day will enable you to experience the cutting edge of supply chain innovation.

Industry 4.0 What it really means and why you should care (Blue Yonder)

10 June 2021 (online)

PARC Visiting Professor, PARC Co-chair and DSV - Global Transport and Logistics's Executive Vice President of Logistics Manufacturing Services and Latin America, Mike Wilson participated at Blue Yonder webinar on Industry 4.0 and its impacts in supply chains: what it really means and why should you care?

Webinar overview

Logistics industry experts from DSV, Cranfield University and Alcott Global share their unique perspectives on Industry 4.0, and how it impacts those managing supply chains. Sharing their opinions on the latest technologies shaping the industry; how these become ever more critical in attracting and, retaining customers and adapting to market disruptions; and the challenges of finding and managing the talent and skills required in your current, and future workforce.

Watch the webinar recording

Logistics Research Network Conference 2020

9 - 11 September 2020, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff

With the impact of the financial crisis still being felt globally, yielding economic, social, political and environmental consequences, there is a need for academics to influence both the practice and theory of logistics for more resilient and sustainable business models that deliver ‘public value’. LRN 2020 will debate and critique the whole range of contemporary issues associated with ‘public value’.

Visit the LRN2020 website for more information.

The Future of Freight Transportation

3 October 2019 at Cardiff Business School Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff

The future of transportation is seamless mobility, where all modes and (semi-) autonomous vehicles are fully connected into a single network. This workshop builds on the CILT-funded project which investigated the truck platooning technology for the UK. The workshop will discuss the results of the truck platooning research. Additionally, this workshop will cover other emerging issues in freight transportation, such as big data, autonomous vehicles, vehicle routing optimisation.

39th International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF)

16-19 June 2019 at Makedonia Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece

Professor Aris Syntetos, Chair of the Panalpina Research Centre (PARC), will be the programme chair and Professor Mike Wilson, PARC Corporate Director, will be speaking at the forecasting conference which attracts the world’s leading forecasting researchers, practitioners, and students. Through a combination of keynote speaker presentations, academic sessions, workshops, and social programs, the ISF provides many excellent opportunities for networking and learning.

For more information, visit the official website.

System Dynamics mini conference at Cardiff Business School

22 March 2019 at Cardiff Business School Executive Education Suite, Cardiff

'Resilient Remanufacturing Network: Forecasting, Informatics, and Holons' (ReRuN) and the UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society are jointly hosting a mini-conference titled "The Spectrum of systems approaches to problem solving: from systems engineering to system dynamics to systems thinking".

Read the mini conference event poster. For more information, email Ruini Qu at

3rd iLEGO workshop

15 January 2019 at Cardiff Business School Executive Education Suite, Cardiff

A workshop focused on circularity in industry, bringing together representatives of the Welsh government, Accenture, Ocado, WRAP Cymru and the Ministry of Furniture with a keynote speech from Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.

For more information, read the news story.

A workshop focused on circularity in industry and attended

21st QMOD Conference Practitioner Day

22 August 2018 at Cardiff Business School Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff

A practitioner day designed to address topical issues encountered by Quality Management practitioners including building a sustainable CI culture, the dilemma between QM and innovation, QM in the era of uncertainty, Lean/Systems Thinking/Agile and Digitization, Lean and Green integration, and more.

For any queries, contact Dr. Maneesh Kumar at, Co-Chair, 21st QMOD Conference.

International Symposium on Inventories Research (ISIR) 2018

20 August 2018 at Danubius Health Spa Resort, Budapest

Mike Wilson delivered a keynote address at the ISIR 2018 event on the future of global supply chains.

For more information, visit the ISIR 2018 website.

3DP Workshop

27 June 2018 at Cardiff Business School Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff

Cardiff University (PARC) hosted a collaborative workshop between industry and academia to discuss the impact of additive manufacturing (3D printing) on supply chains.

For more information, read the news story.

Managing Operations in Circular Economic Contexts workshop

17 April 2018 at IET Birmingham, Austin Court, 80 Cambridge Street, Birmingham

A great opportunity for academics and practitioners to brainstorm and exchange ideas around the topic of operations management in the circular economy. Expect some informative and constructive discussions in this area, and hopefully the creation of new partnerships and collaborations.

For more information, read the flyer or email Shixuan Wang:

Ipsera 2018

25 - 28 March 2018 at Aegli Conference Hall, Athens, Greece

Mike Wilson delivered a keynote address to the Ipsera 2018 conference in Athens on the future of global supply chains in an uncertain and increasingly protectionist age.

For more information read the keynote address summary and view the full presentation.

3D printing workshop

15 March 2018 at the Panalpina Research Centre, Aberconway Building, Cardiff Business School

Bringing academia and industry together to address critical issues in supply chain management and to share the insights of our 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Theme: Supply Chain Digitalisation

How will 3D printing impact global supply chains? How can universities help organisations to prepare for the change?

For more information, read the agenda or email Katy Huckle:

BT: Thought Leadership event

5 March 2018 at Sir Alan Rudge Lecture Theatre, Adastral Park, Ipswich

Professor Aris Syntetos will deliver an overview of the forecasting and supply chain challenges associated with circular economy, present operationalised suggestions to help companies integrate the forward and reverse flows of materials and introduce business models that are compatible with relevant requirements.

Bosch Connected World conference

21-22 February 2018 at STATION-Berlin.

Stefan Karlen will present Panalpina’s approach to the internet of things and globally connected supply chains at the fifth annual Bosch Connected World conference.

2017 Foresight Practitioner conference

15-16 November 2017, Raleigh, North Carolina

Professor Aris Syntetos gave a keynote speech at the 2017 Foresight Practitioner Conference, hosted at the North Carolina State University Institute for Advanced Analytics. This year's conference focused on Recoupling Forecasting with Inventory Control and Supply Planning.

Predictive Business Analytics at Panalpina: Workshop and training

12-14 June 2017, Cardiff Business School Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff

The Panalpina Research Centre hosted this workshop and training with the aim of identifying where analytics can help the Panalpina business, to provide training in forecasting methods and tools, to apply learning on identified business opportunities and to connect with Cardiff University staff.

For more information, read the agenda.

EURO 2015 conference

12-15 July 2015, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Nicole Ayiomamitou, Professor Aris Syntetos, and Andrew Lahy gave the following joint talk on product life cycle forecasting at the 27th European Conference on Operational Research:

The rapid evolution of technology coupled with an increased market focus on innovative and complex solutions has resulted in a very fast pace of introducing new products that are associated with very short lifecycles. In addition, in certain industries, like the fashion industry for example, such products constitute the norm. Forecasting demand requirements for products with short life cycles and managing the relevant inventories is known to be a particularly difficult task. Mapping the inventory requirements across the product life cycle and being able to describe the transit stages offers the ability to react fast into market changes.

In this work, focus was given on forecasting demand in the fashion industry. Real data coming from a case organisation is utilised to assess the empirical validity and utility of the proposed solutions and interesting insights are offered to practitioners working in this area. This work is part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) conducted in the UK and funded by Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).