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RemakerSpace is a Cardiff Business School and PARC institute initiative dedicated to enabling the circular economy and ending planned obsolescence by extending the lifecycle of products.

RemakerSpace is a not-for-profit community and business engagement centre, combining research expertise with the practical tools needed to support the circular economy.

We provide businesses and communities with the skills, equipment, and knowledge to change the way we design, consume and dispose of products.

Located on Cardiff University’s Social Science Research Park, RemakerSpace hosts almost £600,000 of equipment that has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Circular Economy Fund to engage, educate, and inspire everyone to build circular solutions that underpin the society of the future.

We can help you fix a broken appliance with our electrical repair kits, extend the life of garments with our industrial sewing machines, use virtual reality systems to visualise repair operations, or even print spare parts with our advanced range of 3D printers.

Based on our world-leading research in remanufacturing supply chains, we are well-placed to provide advice and guidance to firms large and small about how best to embrace remanufacturing within their operations, both to achieve environmental and economic benefits.

RemakerSpace will open its doors in Spring 2022 in Cardiff University’s new sbarc|spark building in the heart of Innovation Campus.

Comprised of a multidisciplinary team of academics and supply chain professionals, RemakerSpace offers a full range of knowledge and skills.