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PARC Award

Each year, DSV offers the PARC Award to the best dissertation business project between DSV and the Logistics and Operations Management section of Cardiff Business School.

The PARC Award is offered to graduates who have demonstrated strategic and innovative thinking throughout their business projects.

2023 winner

Rashid Abuzarli won the 2023 award for his work on the Blockchain as an enabler of circular supply chains in the food and agriculture industry. This project investigates the potential of blockchain technology in promoting circularity within agrifood supply chains. Addressed key research questions and explored why circular agri-food supply chains require BT, the benefits it can offer, and the obstacles faced along with potential solutions. Utilized a diverse set of research methods, including narrative literature review, multiple case studies, a survey, and interviews to analyse the technology's potential and identify application gaps for future research. The recommendations provided offered practical insights looking to harness the benefits of blockchain technology for circularity.

PARC Award 2023 Winner Rashid Abuzarli
2023 PARC Award Winner Rashid Abuzarli

Previous winners

2022 winner

Felisa Zainuddin won the 2022 award for her work on the Discrete Event Simulation of Second Life Batteries Manufacturing for Repurpose. Her research investigated the process of repurposing end of life batteries using discrete event simulation to understand the dynamic of the process and improved the performance of the whole manufacturing process. Optimisations were made on the simulation model using an iterative process and managed to increase the throughput from 30 packs/day to 180 packs/day.

2022 Winner

2021 winner

Xitian Yuan was the recipient of the PARC award in 2021.

Her ideas and research had a focus on the use of possible blockchain applications within circular supply chains in the fashion industry.

‘All the students have worked extremely hard over the past year and have produced some high-quality reports with excellent recommendations for PARC; Xitian’s work has provided some valuable research and outcomes with a superb report’ (Peter Tuthill, LMS and Remaker Manager at DSV)

2021 Winner Xitian Yuan


Thomas Harvey has won the 2020 award. Thomas’s prize-winning ideas focused on identifying opportunities for the development of local airports to improve global supply chains and connectivity.

Sophie Hazell, LMS Solutions design engineer and PARC coordinator, who mentored the students during their projects with Cardiff University explains, “Despite the COVID-19 constraints, the students have shown great ingenuity and resilience in their projects, providing fantastic outcomes and recommendations for PARC.”

Thomas Harvey 2020
Thomas Harvey receiving his digital certificate.


Akshita Rangnekar won the 2019 award. Akshita’s prize-winning ideas focused on identifying opportunities related to the introduction of 5G with a particular focus on the field of installations services.

Sophie Hazell of DSV-Panalpina, who mentored the students during the industry projects with Cardiff University explains, “Akshita did a fantastic job at understanding our current business models, and making suggestions on how we could take it further”.

DSV-Panalpina Award 2019
Aris Syntetos, Director of the PARC Institute, Akshita Rangnekar, Winner of the Strategic and Innovative Thinking Award, Andrew Lahy, PARC Industry Co-Director & Emrah Demir, PARC Academic Co- Director


Sophie Hazell, for her work on the processes for air and ocean quotations, identifying current quotation processes and offering recommendations and improvements.

Sophie observed current processes, gathered information and conducted interviews. Improvements were identified via the use of value stream mapping, identifying areas where time could be saved and innovation or automation could be introduced. Sophie was further tasked with analyzing over 2000 quotes from Air and Ocean to identify trends in ad-hoc customers and establish which customers could be identified to increase customer relation and maximize business.

Sophie Hazell
Sophie Hazell receives her award from Chris Cooper (Managing Director, Panalpina UK and Ireland)


Giulia Zorzi, for her work on global macroeconomic trends that are likely to influence the way third party logistics business is conducted.

Giulia Zorzi, Panalpina award winner 2016/17


Maria-Roza Toufekoula, for her work on returns forecasting for closed loop circular supply chains. This area is a main research focus of the Centre, and we ran a knowledge transfer partnership (Qioptic) and a fundamental research project (Re-Run) in this area.


James Chatten, for his work on disruptive innovations in supply chains and their implications for the way third-party logistics business is conducted.


Lucie Troop, for proposing a new approach to fostering innovation in the logistics industry.


Kaicheng Xie, for his ten-year perspective on the future of logistics and how the industry will evolve.