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If they haven’t already, the coronavirus will force companies to re-think their elongated supply chain.

27 March 2020

The devastating effects of the Coronavirus on World Economies is obvious, but Professor Mike Wilson argues it is another illustration that elongated supply chains are vulnerable.

The A-to-Z that could shape future supply chains

11 November 2019

In this PARC Insight, PARC blog competition winner Diego Bermudez Bermejo outlines some of the most important trends that are influencing the future of supply chains

Women in Supply Chain Interview: Elizabeth Couzineau

27 August 2019

Elizabeth Couzineau talks to PARC’s Katy Huckle about the challenges of managing your own business through a financial crisis, getting a PhD whilst taking care of twins, and how to stay grounded and keep smiling through all of it.

Revolutionizing supply chains with 3D printing

19 August 2019

BTM represents a brand new B2B model with the potential to revolutionise supply chains and completely change how we approach 3D printing.

Beyond Industry 4.0 – Preparing SME Manufacturing Systems for the Future

13 August 2019

In this blog post, Dr Daniel Eyers emphasizes the importance of getting the fundamentals right, before thinking about the expensive (and potentially unnecessary) manufacturing technologies of Industry 4.0.

Are we ready for autonomous vehicles?

24 July 2019

The introduction of autonomous vehicles for the transportation of goods represents a major step forward environmentally, socially and economically. In this PARC Insight, Dr Emrah Demir explores the case.

Time to say Adieu to Agile

12 July 2019

Lean, agile and all the other methodologies are just that; methodologies. And they don’t work for everyone. In this PARC Insight Andy Lahy, Global Head of Logistics Strategy and Innovation at Panalpina, explains why organisations might want to reconsider their approach to Continuous Improvement by going freestyle and developing a unique solution that best suits their business.

The China-US Trade War – Where Next?

18 June 2019

As their ongoing trade war continues to escalate, Chinese-US trade tensions are never far from the headlines. China’s growing Belt and Road Initiative continues to divide and create factions between East and West. In this PARC Insight, Mike Wilson and Katy Huckle address the implications of those factions and the potential global impact of an East/West trade divide.

Women in Supply Chain, Part 1: Academia – Dr Yingli Wang

10 June 2019

In the first interview of our Women in Supply Chain series, Katy Huckle talks to Dr Yingli Wang about her life and career, from an ice-cream manufacturing plant in China to senior lecturer at a Russell Group university. She discusses her biggest challenges and achievements, along with her key lessons on putting ideas into practice, the importance time management, and why she’s recently taken up karate.

A Game of Warehousing: PARC’s Guide to Gamification

8 May 2019

PARC Insight: Maria Pia Caraccia and Katy Alice Huckle takes a closer look at the impact of game-playing on warehousing operations.