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RemakerSpace is a Cardiff Business School and PARC Institute not-for-profit initiative dedicated to enabling the circular economy and ending planned obsolescence by extending the lifecycle of products.

We work with community groups, businesses, and education providers to drive the circular economy in Wales and beyond.

Located at Cardiff University’s Social Science Research Park, RemakerSpace is a 1 million pound facility hosting  £600,000 of equipment that has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Circular Economy Fund and considerable contribution by Cardiff Business School.

RemakerSpace offers a unique combination of equipment including conventional tools in our purpose-built workshop to state of the art 3D printers and a visualisation suite.

Our aims

RemakerSpace is dedicated to driving the circular economy in Wales and beyond and aims to increase awareness of the benefits of reuse, repair, and repurposing to extend product life cycles.

We collaborate with three focal groups and provide the skills and equipment needed to develop new opportunities based on remanufacturing and repair services:


RemakerSpace provides access to remanufacturing facilities for Welsh community groups, charities, local authorities and other third-sector organisations.

The Centre offers a space where people can come together to collaborate, share ideas, learn new skills, and offers hands-on learning opportunities related to electronics, electrical and textile repair, 3D printing, and more.


We provide access to remanufacturing facilities to enrich student experiences (schools, colleges, universities)​ in the circular economy.

At RemakerSpace, learners embark on exciting hands-on learning experiences that ignite their creativity and curiosity using a range of tools and equipment. With an emphasis on reuse, recycling and remanufacturing, our toolkit spans a wide range of equipment and resources to promote a more sustainable approach to creation.


RemakerSpace provides training, support, and networking in remanufacturing and wider circular economy concepts.

Drawing upon our world-leading research in remanufacturing supply chains, we are well-placed to provide advice and guidance to businesses about how best to embrace remanufacturing within their operations, both to achieve environmental and economic benefits and the skills and equipment needed to develop new business opportunities based on remanufacturing and repair services.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about how the RemakerSpace Centre can help you and your business implement a circular economy throughout your supply chain, then get in touch: