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Tuition fees

Last updated: 24/08/2023 09:25

Everything you need to know about the ways to pay your tuition fees as part of your online enrolment.

In order to complete online enrolment, you don't have to pay your fees in full. If you are paying your fees directly and are not receiving funding from either Student Finance or another Sponsor, you can make payment in three instalments. You can set these up as part of your online enrolment.

To find out more, login to the SIMS online enrolment system (when informed to do so), and you will be given instructions on how to pay.

Fees are payable for each year of your course (including repeat years). For an approximate total cost, fees should be multiplied by the number of years of study. Please note that fees for future years may be subject to increase.

Tuition Fee Loans from Student Finance

If you pay your tuition fees through a Tuition Fee Loan, you will receive a notification of entitlement letter from your student finance body. Make sure that your university course details and tuition fee amount on this letter are correct.

If any information on your entitlement letter is incorrect then the easiest way to update your details is by logging into your online account before 1 September and choosing "Change your application". It should then take Student Finance up to around 20 working days to process the change.

After 1 September, you won't be able to change the details yourself. Instead, contact the Advice and Money Team for help with this.

If you are coming to Cardiff University through Clearing, funding for clearing students provides more information about this process and how to manage possible delays in funding.

Incorrect tuition fees

If your tuition fees aren't displaying correctly, continue to complete online enrolment, but don't make a fee payment, contact us immediately.

Tuition fees enquiries from students

Methods of payment

Before making payment, read the Your Funding information for details on potential funding opportunities.

If your course start date is not September/October, you will not be able to pay by this method.

Direct debit will be offered to students as a payment method as part of the online registration procedure when you will complete a direct debit mandate. The mandate will remain active for the duration of the course.

Payment can be made by direct debit in three instalments (as long as the total amount due exceeds £500).

Please ensure:

  • the bank details are from a valid UK bank/building society account which allows direct debits
  • direct debits must be set up at least a month before the first collection date
  • seven working days' notice is given if you need to cancel your direct debit instruction
  • you have sufficient funds in your account to cover a direct debit payment when presented.

International students

If you need to open a UK bank account, you will need official documentation from the university to do so.

Payment can be made using all major credit/debit cards (except American Express) either in full or in three instalments. You will be able to submit your card details as part of your online registration. Once payment of the first instalment has been made, future payments can be made via the SIMS Online page.

If paying in three instalments the payments dates will be:

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • first instalment –  as part of, or prior to, online registration
  • second instalment – 29 January 2024
  • third instalment – 29 April 2024

Online transfer

Visit our GlobalPay webpage to pay by bank transfer. The benefits of paying by this method include:

  • Pay fees online using the currency of your choice
  • Commission-free - no extra bank charges for 37 currencies
  • Secure and easy to use via Convera
  • Easy way to make a payment through your local bank. Once logged in to GlobalPay you will get printed instructions on how to make the transfer through your local bank.

To finalise your funds transfer to Cardiff University you will need to complete the transfer via internet banking or present the bank details to your local bank within 72 hours.

An email will be sent from Convera once they receive the payment to confirm receipt of funds.

In some cases, you may have to make a transfer in either Euros or USD if your local currency option is not available. This may incur an international fee, and there could be a higher charge for this transfer.

Direct bank transfer

Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer to the university bank account either in full or in three instalments. So that we can easily identify who the payment is for, ensure that you quote the following:

  • your student (or applicant) number
  • your full name

This process is not available as part of online registration, and we must advise that payments be received no later than seven working days before registering online.

Transfers should be made to:

Lloyds Bank, 31 Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2AG
Account: Cardiff University Tuition Fees
Account No: 17852568
Sort Code: 30-67-64
IBAN NO: GB53 LOYD 3067 6417 8525 68

We advise you to get a paper receipt/proof of transcript if choosing to pay by this method. This will make it easier for us to locate your payment in the event of any problem occurring.

If paying in three instalments, the payments dates will be:

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • first instalment –  as part of, or before, online registration
  • second instalment – 29 January 2024
  • third instalment – 29 April 2024

For further information or to check if a payment has been received into our account, contact the Finance Office.

If you are a sponsored student, you still need to complete the online enrolment process.

If you are in receipt of sponsorship for your tuition fees (this does not include family members or friends who may decide to make payments on your behalf) you should:

  • obtain a letter from your sponsor confirming that they accept responsibility for fee payment
  • email the letter to to the Finance Division as soon as you receive it or no later than seven working days prior to your online registration.

An official sponsorship letter must be provided for each year of study. If you are unable to send your sponsorship letter to the university prior to your online enrolment, you will have an opportunity to upload a copy as part of online enrolment. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to fully complete your online registration.

This does not apply to students who receive funding through Student Finance as this information will be sent to Cardiff University electronically.

If your sponsor fails to pay

In accordance with Cardiff University Financial Procedures, if your sponsor fails to make due payment of the tuition fees, you will become personally responsible for full payment. Be aware that this will affect your ability to receive an award from the university. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your sponsor is made aware that tuition fees are payable within 30 days of the invoice date. If payment has not been received by this date you will become personally responsible for paying the full tuition fee.

If you're in receipt of part-sponsorship

If a student is in receipt of part-sponsorship unless the sponsor decrees otherwise, the sponsored part of the fee will be deducted and the student is liable for the balance which is payable in three instalments. Partial funding cannot be used to delay payment of the first instalment.

Your instalment dates and amounts will be shown on your account at SIMS Online.

International students can pay their fees using Cardiff University’s payments platform powered by Convera. This allows you, your parents and sponsors to pay GBP student fees in the currency of your choice and provides you with a simple and secure way to initiate a payment.

Find out more about this payment option.

Students coming to Cardiff from the United States may choose to take out loans for all or part of their tuition fees. Full details of how to go about applying for funding can be found on the USA webpage.

The Finance Office can arrange letters to assist with the transfer of funds. However, due to the high volume of demand at this time of year, you must allow at least three working days for the letter to be produced. Letters overseas will then be sent by email.

To request foreign exchange letters or Canadian tax certificates, email

Prompt payment

It is the responsibility of all students to make sure that their tuition fees are paid on time or that sufficient funding (such as grants and loans) is in place. Provision must be made either in advance of or as part of online registration.

Failure to pay tuition fees by the due date will result in Senate Regulations being enforced and may lead to your registration being cancelled.

Contact us

Contact the Finance Office for help regarding your fee payment.

The Student Funding and Advice Team can help with any general questions and more detailed requests with regards to your funding.

Student Funding and Advice Team