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Student funding

Understanding student funding, making applications, receiving funding and avoiding delays.

Available funding and how to apply

In order to get funding as a Home or EU undergraduate student you need to apply to your relevant student finance body before you start your course. Your funding body is determined by where you normally live before you start your course.

You can find out more about the funding available to you and how to apply for it by visiting your student funding body's website:

Once you have applied

Your letter of entitlement

Once you have applied, provided any required evidence and your funding body has completed an assessment, you will receive a letter of entitlement in the post. You can also find a copy in the 'letters and emails' section of your online student finance account.

The notification details the tuition fee funding and maintenance funding available to you. Please check that the university, course and year of study are correct on the notification. If this information is not correct then please contact your student finance body as soon as possible.

If you have not received your letter of entitlement

If you have submitted an application for funding but have not received your letter of entitlement then please check your application with your funding body. If you applied online, you can check your online account for any tasks that need completing.

It may be that there is evidence that your funding body is still waiting for. If other people are involved with your application, for example your parents, then please check they have provided the information required of them. If you’re not sure what is missing please contact your funding body for advice.

If you have any difficulties with your student funding application, the Advice and Money Team will be able to help.

Receiving your funding

Maintenance funding (Home students only)

Your funding should be paid to you 3-5 working days after enrolment, so long as:

  • your funding application is complete; and
  • you have enrolled; and
  • you have collected your student ID card.

As your student funding will not arrive until after Freshers’ week (because you enrol during this time), it is essential that you bring enough money for the first few weeks of university.

Before you arrive it is important to plan out a budget. Find out more about living expenses and budgeting.

Tuition fee funding (Home and EU students)

Visit the tuition fees section for information about how your tuition fee funding is confirmed to the University and your responsibilities to ensure your tuition fees are paid.

Amending your student finance application

If you make any changes to your chosen university or course after you have submitted an application to your funding body you need to amend your funding application.

If you have not enrolled on your course you can make changes via your online account. If you have enrolled then you will need to contact the Advice and Money team for help.

Further advice

If you have any questions about student finance or funding please contact:

Advice and Money (Cathays)

Advice and Money (Heath Park)

Advice and Money (Cardiff Business School)