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Student funding

Last updated: 10/08/2023 16:29

Understanding student funding, making applications, receiving funding and avoiding delays.

Available funding and how to apply

To establish eligibility for undergraduate funding as a home student you should apply to your relevant student finance body before you start your course. Your funding body is determined by where you normally live in the UK before you start your course.

You can find out more about the funding available to you and how to apply for it by visiting your student funding body's website:

Once you have applied

Your letter of entitlement

Once you have applied, provided any required evidence and your funding body has completed an assessment, you will receive a notification of entitlement in the post. You can also find a copy in the 'letters and emails' section of your online student finance account.

The entitlement letter details the tuition fee funding and maintenance funding available to you. Please check that the university, course and year of study are correct on the letter. If any of this information is not correct then amend your application before 1 September.

Amending your Student Finance application

The quick and easy way to update your details is by logging into your online account before 1 September and choosing ‘Change your application’. This should then take Student Finance up to around 20 working days to process the change.

After 1 September, you won’t be able to change the details yourself. Instead, contact the Student Funding and Advice team for help with this.

If you are coming to Cardiff University through clearing, funding for clearing students provides more information about this process and how to manage possible delays in funding.

If you have not received your letter of entitlement

If you have submitted an application for funding but have not received your letter of entitlement then check your application with your funding body. If you applied online, you can check your online account for any tasks that need completing.

It may be that there is evidence that your funding body is still waiting for. If other people are involved with supporting your application by providing required information, for example your parents, then check they have provided the information required of them. If you’re not sure what is missing, contact your funding body for advice.

If you have any difficulties with your student funding application, the Student Funding and Advice team will be able to help.

Receiving your funding

Find out more about how you will receive your funding once you have arrived.

Further advice

If you have any questions about student finance or funding please contact:

Student Funding and Advice Team