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Tell us about your access requirements

Last updated: 09/08/2023 15:02

Setting up support can sometimes take longer than expected, therefore we encourage you to tell us about your disability as soon as possible.

If you told us about a disability via your application form or when you enrolled, our Student Disability Service will contact you to find out more about your support requirements. Our disability advisers can discuss the potential impact on your study, advise you on how to access support and agree the next steps.

If you have yet to hear from the Student Disability Service, we encourage you to make contact via Student Connect. If you missed these opportunities, you can get in touch with the Student Disability Service at any point during your studies.

Providing evidence

We are committed to developing an inclusive learning environment and making anticipatory reasonable adjustments where possible. However, some individual reasonable adjustments may need to be made for your support requirements to be met.

To help us do this we encourage you to tell us about your access requirements. You will be asked to provide us with up-to-date supporting evidence, such as:

  • diagnostic evidence e.g., a diagnostic assessment report, educational psychologist report for students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • medical evidence e.g., a GP or Consultants letter
  • DSA Needs Assessment Report
  • copy of PIP award letter.

This evidence is required to confirm the need for some adjustments and funded support. If you do not have evidence or are unsure of its suitability, please contact the Student Disability Service for advice on the need to provide further information.

If you choose not to register with the Student Disability Service

Some students choose not to contact the Student Disability Service when they begin their studies but find that they need advice and assistance once they’re underway. If you find yourself in this situation, please get in touch and we will assist you as quickly as possible; please be aware that late notification may delay support being put in place.

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