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Archaeology and Conservation

Archaeology and Conservation video

Our Archaeology degrees provide a level of training, skill and knowledge that is respected within professional archaeology and will serve you well when applying for postgraduate study, or employment in archaeology and the heritage sector.

You will be taught by internationally recognised experts, in a centre with a long-established reputation for research within the British Isles, Europe, Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean.

We offer workplace experience to our students through our four-week, funded excavation, museum and heritage work placements. Students enhance their communications skills by working with schools, museums, businesses and community groups as part of our innovative public engagement activities.


Archaeology enables you to reveal past human lives: from diets to beliefs; from the tools people used to the houses they lived in.

Our students gain an extensive range of transferable skills, enabling our graduates to communicate complex ideas, interpret data, work in teams and manage resources effectively and resourcefully.

Archaeology students can apply to the Cyril Fox Memorial Fund for travel and research grants.

Full-time courses

Exploring the Past

This is one of a series of flexible, affordable progression pathways onto degrees in History, Archaeology and Religion for those returning to education. See more about Pathways to a degree at Cardiff University.


Conservation helps cultural and heritage objects 'tell their stories' now and into the future. As a conservation student you will combine theoretical knowledge with your developing practical skills, in a laboratory setting, to preserve the past.

With alumni working in the sector across the globe, conservation at Cardiff has an enviable reputation for courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level and for links with the heritage sector at home and abroad.

Our students become skilled in the care, repair and protection of cultural and heritage artefacts and adept at selecting the appropriate approach from the full toolkit taught to maintain our past for future generations.

Full-time courses