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About us

We are an innovative and internationally recognised centre of excellence in research and teaching devoted to the study of the past and beliefs from prehistoric times to contemporary societies.

Our community boasts over 100 academic staff and 1000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. We are committed to providing an excellent education at all levels, from those seeking to re-enter education through our Pathways, to our diverse and multi-national undergraduate and postgraduate student body. We also offer specialist courses for professional development in archaeological conservation and chaplaincy.

We are proudly rooted within our local community in Wales, with particularly strong links in the heritage sector, notably our long-standing partnership with Amgueddfa Cymru - Museum Wales. These roots are also reflected across the spectrum of world faiths within our cosmopolitan capital city, a melting pot of citizens through its industrial and maritime history.

Our diversity leads to wide-ranging research impact. Our conservators saved the SS Great Britain from the ravages of rust. Our research has helped us to understand how Welsh migrants' identity changes as they adapted to Welsh cultures. We've provided the evidence needed to improve pastoral care for Muslims.