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Cyril Fox Memorial Fund - Archaeology grants

The Cyril Fox Memorial Fund supports travel and research grants for Archaeology students.

Sir Cyril Fox (1882-1967) is one of Wales’s most celebrated archaeologists who made an immense contribution to British archaeology during his time at the National Museum of Wales, first as Keeper of Archaeology (1924-26) and later as the Museum’s Director (1926-48). Sir Cyril’s initial appointment was a joint post with University College, Cardiff, where he was also Lecturer in Archaeology for a time.

Sir Cyril and Lady Aileen Fox on a visit to Ireland in 1952
Sir Cyril and Lady Aileen Fox on a visit to Ireland in 1952. © George Fox

The Cyril Fox Memorial Fund (also known as ‘The Fox Fund’) was established by his widow, Lady Aileen Fox, to provide travel grants to allow Archaeology students at Cardiff University (the successor to University College, Cardiff) to study archaeological material in the UK and Western Europe (museum collections, libraries, archives etc.), and to enable them to undertake fieldwork (excavation or field survey).

These were activities that Sir Cyril himself practised and which he considered to be of prime importance in the making of an archaeologist.

Awards and eligibility

Archaeology students who meet the following eligibility criteria can apply to the Cyril Fox Memorial Fund:

  • Archaeology 2nd year undergraduates to support final year Dissertation projects
  • Archaeology MA and MSc students to support research undertaken as part of their Masters programmes
  • Archaeology PhD students to support research undertaken for their doctoral studies.

‘Archaeology’ here means all degrees with Archaeology in their titles, undergraduate and postgraduate, whether single honours, joint or integrated degrees.

The average value of an award is £100-£200.

How to apply

Archaeology students that meet the eligibility criteria can find out more about the Cyril Fox Memorial Fund and download an application form on the student intranet.