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Welsh language opportunities

The Welsh language is an integral part of our school. Many of our students and staff speak Welsh, and a number of our academics publish their research in Welsh.

Students have access to Welsh-speaking personal tutors at any point during their degrees and choose to submit assessments in Welsh or English for all modules. There are also opportunities for students to learn Welsh or develop their language skills further.

Teaching through the medium of Welsh

We offer a range of Welsh language options across both core and optional modules, varying from year to year depending on staff availability.

Likewise, Welsh-medium seminar groups are available for a number of core modules where lectures are delivered in English.

Welsh language seminars enable small-group discussion of module material on a weekly or fortnightly basis with our Welsh-speaking seminar tutors.

Core modules

Core modules offering Welsh medium seminars:

Year 1

  • HS1105 The Making of the Modern World
  • HS1119 History in Practice Part 1: Questions, Frameworks and Audiences
  • HS1120 History in Practice Part 2: Sources, Evidence and Argument
  • HS6101 Global Histories

Year 2

  • HS6201 Reading History
  • HS6202 Making History: Historians, Evidence, Audiences

Independent studies

Welsh language supervision is also available on independent project modules, with one-to-one meetings with a Welsh-speaking tutor:

Year 2

  • HS6203 Debating History

Year 3

  • HS6300 Researching History: Dissertation

Optional modules

We regularly offer Welsh seminars for a number of optional modules, with recent examples including Inventing a Nation: Politics, Culture and Heritage (Year One, HS1109) and America: from Revolution to Reconstruction (Year 2, HS6216).

We typically offer one optional module delivered entirely through the medium of Welsh (both seminars and lectures), with a recent example, Chwyldro, Diwylliant a Radicaliaeth, 1789-1914 (Year 2, HS6225).

Contact us

For further information on Welsh language provision, please contact:

Picture of Rebecca Thomas

Dr Rebecca Thomas

Lecturer in Medieval History

+44 29225 12385