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Criss-cross the globe with a degree that spans an extraordinary range of societies, periods, and places from the medieval worlds to contemporary history.

Together, we investigate the emergence of new states, the impact of critical historical moments, and the sweep of political, cultural, and social revolutions.

We delve into the lives of ordinary people as well as the powerful, with modules crafted to share latest understanding and our own evolving research. We explore how people in the past made sense of their worlds, interacted with one another, and helped shape the world today.

Our degrees reach across the globe with renowned expertise from the rich history of Britain and Wales to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, and to the histories of Africa, Asia and North America.

Empowering you to you shape your passion for history, you’ll study the past across an extensive range of original sources with a toolkit of latest approaches. Developing a critical eye, you’ll create your own original interpretations and make connections with contemporary debates.

Exploring the Past

This is one of a series of flexible, affordable progression pathways onto degrees in History, Archaeology and Religion for those returning to education. See more about Pathways to a degree at Cardiff University.