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History video

History at Cardiff is as much about your future as it is about our shared pasts.

Leading academics have crafted unique modules based on their ground-breaking research. Our courses examine the histories of a diverse range of countries around the globe and across a huge chronological span, extending from ancient Greece and Rome through to contemporary history.

Making extensive use of original documents and operating at the cutting-edge of historical knowledge students can range widely in their studies, from slavery in modern America to diplomacy in medieval Europe to witchcraft in sixteenth century Britain.

While acquiring the skills of an historian, students also gain invaluable transferable skills valued across all sectors, including law, business, media and politics.

Our students are given the confidence to work independently, think creatively and articulate their ideas persuasively.

Exploring the Past

This is one of a series of flexible, affordable progression pathways onto degrees in History, Archaeology and Religion for those returning to education. See more about Pathways to a degree at Cardiff University.