Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Ymchwil yn ail feddwl sut i gael gwared o wastraff niwclear

Mae ein hefelychiadau cyfrifiadurol yn helpu i greu dulliau mwy diogel i storio gwastraff niwclear.

French nuclear power plant.
French nuclear power plant.

Mae'r cynnwys isod ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The safe disposal of high level nuclear waste is a global issue. Though temporary storage facilities exist around the world, we sought to develop a longer term solution that was recognised by multinational governments and nuclear authorities

Our research prompted a major rethink in the design and construction of nuclear waste repositories. It also brought economic benefits, and increased international governments’ confidence in the safe disposal of high level nuclear waste.

Professor Hywel Thomas Director of the Geoenvironmental Research Centre

Pioneering model predicts behaviour

Researchers from our Geoenvironmental Research Centre, backed by the European Commission's EURATOM programme, developed a model to understand how are barriers used in nuclear waste disposal perform.

The team developed a computerised model called COMPASS to simulate the behaviour of a nuclear waste repository over time and show how nuclear repository barriers perform. The computerised model provided innovative predictions of the behaviour and long term durability of engineered barriers.

Global impact

The project has had significant impact on engineering design, environmental conditions, economic investment and public policy. The software has been utilised by International Nuclear Waste Disposal Authorities, and GRC's work has led to the design and construction of a new repositories in Sweden and Finland.

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