Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

History of PARC

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

Since it began, a number of additional organisations and institutes have contributed a wealth of ideas, knowledge and funding making PARC the leading industry and university partnership for research into manufacturing, logistics and inventory optimisation.

In 2012, Professor Mike Wilson of Panalpina and Professor Aris Syntetos of Cardiff Business School co-founded PARC after realising that, despite a major shift in global supply chains, most organisations were unprepared and ill-equipped to manage this change.

The aim of PARC was to bring together industry and academia to investigate current issues in supply chain management.

PARC Award

In early 2013, Panalpina and Cardiff launched the Panalpina Award (renamed the PARC Award in 2019). Every year, students from Cardiff University work on industry inspired projects, with the best project being awarded the PARC Prize for Strategic and Innovative thinking.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

In November 2013, Panalpina and Cardiff launched their first KTP, a project to investigate new ways to forecast inventory requirements. The project won the 2016 Cardiff University Innovation and Impact award for Business and was shortlisted for the national KTP awards.

Watch the Impact Awards' video.

In 2015, Panalpina and Cardiff launched their second KTP. This was a double KTP, bringing together the Business School with the School of Engineering to develop a new approach to introduce 3DP into global supply chains. The project was successfully completed in 2017 and culminated in the printing of a '3DP watch' case study that was presented at the G7 conference in Canada, the development of a new approach that considers both supply chain and engineering considerations, and the publication of an article in the Journal of Operations Management.

Panalpina funding

In 2016, the centre received direct funding from Panalpina, and was thereby branded the Panalpina Centre for Manufacturing and Logistics Research. Employees from Panalpina were established as part of the research centre, which officially took up residence in the Logistics and Operations Management section of Cardiff University Business School.

Honorary role

In 2018, Mike Wilson received the title of Honorary Visiting Professor role at Cardiff Business School. In awarding the title, the Business School highlighted Mike's contribution to the Panalpina Research Centre, the Business School and the University as a whole.

To the future

The PARC Institute continues to grow and over the last three years has expanded its network of partners while delivering fundamental research and solutions to real world problems in the manufacturing and supply chain sector.