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Psoriasis Association

Mae'r cynnwys hwn ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig.

The Psoriasis Association for UK and Northern Ireland was founded in 1968, and is driven by three main objectives:

  • supporting people with psoriasis
  • raising awareness of psoriasis
  • researching psoriasis.

Professor Chris Bundy, School of Healthcare Sciences, was involved in a psoriasis research priority setting partnership (PSP) with the James Lind Alliance. The partnership included a collection of cross-discipline experts in the field and patients who have met over the course of 18 months to set the research priorities in this area for the next five years. It was supported by the Psoriasis Association.

James Lind Alliance

Professor Bundy is currently evaluating a further project through the Psoriasis Association following the implementation of a psychological support and lifestyle behaviour change strategy for people with psoriasis. Specialist dermatology teams will be trained to deliver an integrated well-being clinic (PsoWell) within their psoriasis management.


The PSP for psoriasis aims to improve patient management in the UK and Northern Ireland. Psoriasis affects approximately 2-3% of the population equating to 1.8 million in the UK.


The PSP for psoriasis has been established and the list of the top 10 priorities will now be considered for funding by the Psoriasis Association.

James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships (PSPs) have the potential to impact on the people who participate in them, on the organisations that coordinate them, on the public profile of the conditions they are focused on and, of course, on the research that gets done.

The Psoriasis Association supporting this research aims to disseminate results, in order to have a wide impact with multiple outcomes.


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Yr Athro Christine Bundy

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