Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Discovering a new role for a breast cancer gene

17 Ionawr 2013

Targeting Bcl3 could be advantageous in advanced breast cancer to prevent tumours spreading.

Shining Light on Co-infection

13 Ionawr 2013

A study using glowing bacteria to examine the consequences of co-infection

Have a Word

10 Ionawr 2013

Initiative to reduce dangerous drinking for 1 in 4 people.

Co-infection and disease control

9 Ionawr 2013

New study identifies significance of co-infection in disease control.

Raising concerns

8 Ionawr 2013

Report recommends culture change in social and healthcare workplaces.

Pam dydy neb yn berffaith

18 Rhagfyr 2012

Cardiff-Cambridge study discovers numerous flaws in our DNA

Understanding disability award for Dr Margaret Woodhouse

17 Rhagfyr 2012

Understanding Disability Award for Dr Margaret Woodhouse

Gwobr Cyflawniad Oes i Ddarlithydd Optometreg

13 Rhagfyr 2012

Dr Maggie Woodhouse yn cael Gwobr Cyflawniad Oes yng Ngwobrau Deall Anabledd 2012.

Operation Ouch! Y Brifysgol yn cymryd rhan mewn cyfres CBBC newydd

11 Rhagfyr 2012

Gwyliwch Dr Kelly BéruBé mewn cyfres feddygol newydd sbon ar gyfer CBBC.

Amsterdam looks to Cardiff for violence tackling action

10 Rhagfyr 2012

Violence prevention model has been adopted by Dutch government.