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Artificial intelligence and data analytics

Humans want and need to better understand the huge amounts of data our digitised society generates - and its potential.

AI looks at how computers can perform tasks previously only possible for humans. Data Analytics focuses on how to capture, analyse, model and process large amounts of data from multiple sources so we can detect patterns and harness what we learn. We have created space here for curiosity-driven research as we explore potential solutions to ambitious, far-reaching challenges which will, in turn and in the future, bring benefits to healthcare, security, service industries and many other sectors, and business and industry across the world can benefit from its many applications.

Our primary focus in our research labs is on:

  • knowledge representation and reasoning (looking at how computer systems can understand and utilise knowledge to solve complex real-world problems)
  • computation argumentation (focusing on how arguments are constructed and compared to solve problems on computers effectively – building bridges between human and automated reasoning)
  • natural language processing (better understanding how computers might deal with language)
  • data analytics and machine learning (looking at how we capture knowledge about the world that computers can process, understand and apply to problems).

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natural language processing

Natural language processing

We are an interdisciplinary group dealing with all aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP), from the research point of view and its applications.

Section head

Professor Steven Schockaert

Professor Steven Schockaert


+44 (0)29 2087 9109