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Knowledge representation and reasoning

We improve the understanding of the foundations on knowledge representation and its application to and integration with emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Intelligent AI-driven computational systems usually rely on background or commonsense knowledge to draw appropriate conclusions and properly execute their tasks.

The Cardiff Knowledge Representation and Reasoning research group (CKRR) at Cardiff University aims to develop novel methods for capturing, modelling and reasoning about knowledge encoded in symbolic or sub-symbolic forms.

We also have a particular interest in research that crosses the boundaries of various AI fields, including neuro-symbolic reasoning, commonsense reasoning, and representation learning.


We aim to attract more:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate students to the human-centered computing domain
  • PhD students (funded and self-funded)
  • post-doctorate and early-career researchers (and academics)
  • funding from UKRI and industry.


We offer expertise in:

  • ontology-enhanced systems
  • knowledge graphs
  • temporal and probabilistic reasoning
  • neuro-symbolic reasoning
  • non-monotonic reasoning
  • belief change
  • controlled natural language
  • computational social choice.


Recent and ongoing projects

Project name: Non-Classical Reasoning for Enhanced Ontology-based Semantic Technologies 2019-21
Principal investigator: Richard Booth, Ivan Varzinczak (Université d’Artois, France)
Funded by: Royal Society/CNRS

Project name: A Unifying Quantitative Framework for Deduplication and Repairing Data in Ontology- Enhanced Systems 2020-2022
Principal investigators: Víctor Gutiérrez-Basulto, Meghyn Bienvenu (CNRS, Labri University of Bordeaux)
Funded by: Royal Society


Next steps


Research that matters

Our research makes a difference to people’s lives as we work across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.


Postgraduate research

Our research degrees give the opportunity to investigate a specific topic in depth among field-leading researchers.


Our research impact

Our research case studies highlight some of the areas where we deliver positive research impact.