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Cybersecurity, privacy and human-centered computing

Our research specialises in large scale systems, data analytics at scale, multi-criteria optimisation and human/social computation.

Our research spans key themes, including cybersecurity, privacy, social and mobile computing, human computer interaction, parallel and distributed systems and multi-criteria optimisation and mathematical modelling.

Underpinning these key areas are issues of scale and complexity, with a particular emphasis on human/systems interaction. Much of the research is carried out in collaboration with colleagues internationally (in Europe, US, Singapore and Australia). Our work is also well linked with a number of academic schools, including Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Psychology and Engineering.

The research section manages the Social Data Science Lab and the Internet of Things Lab.

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We look to detect, measure, and mitigate sensitive information leakage in various scenarios including data publishing, internet of things, mobile and cloud applications, and training machine learning algorithms.

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Human-centred computing

Our research specialises in small and large scale systems, data analytics at scale, multi-criteria optimisation, human/social computation, cyber threat modelling and predictive analytics.

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Cyber security

We focus on the fusion of data science and artificial intelligence methods with interdisciplinary insights into cyber risk, threat intelligence, cyber threat modelling, predictive analytics, attack detection and situational awareness

Systems and scalability

This group focuses on research in systems, performance and scalability. The group investigates how scale can be used as a key aspect for the design, implementation and validation of computer and information systems.

Section lead

Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar

Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar


+44 (0)29 2087 9346