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Cybersecurity and privacy

Cyber security impacts on all aspects of life and our Centre for Cyber Security Research (CCSR) offers a holistic, integrated and theoretically informed approach to human and technical cyber security.

We are a leading UK academic research team focussing on the fusion of data science/analytics and artificial intelligence methods, with interdisciplinary insights into cyber risk, threat intelligence, attack detection and situational awareness.

In the last decade, the CCSR has grown its team to over 50 active researchers and has attracted nearly £20 million in external grant income. We have a world-class testbed in our state-of-the-art Abacws building, consisting of a scalable cyber range and various cyber-physical systems that are representative of real-world IT and operational technology systems, on which we train our students and validate our research outcomes.

We are also proud to work with local and international collaborators across all sectors to carry out research that tackles real challenges and excites and inspires our next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Within this scope we have a number of core research themes including:

  • artificial Intelligence-driven Security Operations & Incident Management – focusing on early detection and automated responses to cyber attacks
  • risk Management & Governance – investigating goal-oriented risk, process and impact modelling, linked to data-driven intelligence
  • human factors – focusing on individuals’ susceptibility to attack, cognitive aspects, and organised cybercrime.
  • cyber physical systems security and resilience – detecting digital and physical indicators of compromise and mitigating attacks
  • privacy and distributed systems security – ensuring privacy by design, whether in machine learning-based systems, or by improving transparency and trust in distributed (e.g. Cloud) and autonomous (e.g. vehicular) systems.

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Research lead

Dr George Theodorakopoulos

Dr George Theodorakopoulos


+44 (0)29 2087 4855