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About us

Abacws Engagment

We are a research-led school in one of the UK’s premier universities and offer a rich mix of real-world relevant courses.

Based in stunning state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of the capital, we work with over 100 academic and industrial partners in the UK and abroad. Our cutting-edge research continues to attract multi-million-pound funding.

The facilities our students access - including the computer and cybersecurity lab, Makerspace and IT workshop, lecture theatres and collaborative working spaces - are matched by the breadth of experience the School provides. Students graduate understanding computer systems, networks and programs at a deep level, and with a knowledge of how they are transforming science, business, culture and every aspect of life. More than nine out of ten graduates are in highly skilled employment 15 months after graduating.

We welcome staff, researchers and postgraduate students who want to be part of this story as well as undergraduates who have an appetite for this area of study and interesting, outward-facing projects - plus a desire to see how what they are learning can impact the real world. Our newest programme of social and academic support for new students includes mentoring schemes matching second and third year students to their first year counterparts. Our STEM ambassador scheme offers the opportunity for students to go out into schools to encourage and support the next generation of computer scientists and software engineers.

Students have a choice of three, four and five year undergraduate courses with options to match their ambitions. There is also the chance to enjoy an employability-enhancing paid year in industry, to take a year to study at a university abroad, and/or to combine undergraduate and postgraduate study in a single course. Because what they learn is relevant to every aspect of society, we are, every year, proud to see our students graduate with the skills to go into careers in engineering, teaching, healthcare, law, management, finance and more as a result.