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Our work has an impact across numerous multidisciplinary areas.

The diverse areas on which we have an impact include:

  • healthcare (patient record systems and information visualisation)
  • defence
  • the environment (biodiversity management and geospatial information systems)
  • telecommunications (communications network design and virtual organisations)
  • engineering design (especially reverse engineering of solid shape)
  • high-performance and grid computing (distributed processing, knowledge management and immersive visualisation).

Impact highlights

Bees in hive

Indexing the world's species

Using big data to help save flora and fauna from extinction.


New blockchain method to improve logistics in UK defence and global industries

Blockchain-based research enabled the formation of SIMBA Chain Inc. which has secured contracts worth over £9.11 million, and developed secure messaging and data systems for the US Navy, US Air Force, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Enabling the expansion of 'street view' technology across China

Our research has enabled the rapid expansion of street view technology in China, which is now accessed more than six billion times a day.