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Self-funded PhD studentships

We welcome self-funded students from around the world and we have a wide representation of different nationalities within the School.

We offer a range of three and four year PhD projects for self-funding applicants which are open to students from the UK, EU and overseas.

Available projects

We currently have a range of self-funded projects available within the School of Biosciences:

Structural analysis of receptors for insecticidal toxins

Firing dynamics of thalamic and cortical neural networks during absence epilepsy

Characterisation of microRNAs regulated by dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid in macrophages in relation to atherosclerosis

Towards the clinical development of calcium-sensing receptor antagonists as novel therapeutics for inflammatory lung diseases

The smell of infection – detecting infectious disease and determining mechanisms underlying the spread of disease on social networks

Examining the programming of offspring behaviour by maternal diet and abnormal maternal care

A Synthetic Reaction-Diffusion System for Engineering Patterning and Self-Organisation in Plant Stem Cells

Protein interactions in the regulation of a model cell differentiation program

Role of the lysosome, and the lysosomal protein NPC1 in the pathogenesis and treatment of Mycobacteriumtuberculosis

Make your own research proposal

Our academic supervisors are open to applications from self-funding students. It is important to match your application to the School's research interests so, before applying, please contact staff members from the relevant research division to discuss a potential research proposal.