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Available PhD research projects

The following projects are not funded by Cardiff University, but are open to applicants who are self-funded or have external funding. Applications are accepted all year round.


Title: The role of splice variants in regulating BRCA1 function
SupervisorsProfessor Matt Smalley, Dr Helen Pearson and Dr Guisy Tornillo

Title: Regulation of asymmetric cell division in brain cancer stem cells
SupervisorsDr Florian Siebzehnrubl and Dr Fernandi Anjos-Afonso

Title: Novel therapeutics in breast, pancreatic and colorectal cancers
SupervisorsDr Richard Clarkson, Professor Andrew Westwell (Pharmacy) and Dr Andrea Brancale (Pharmacy)

Title: Investigating the link between prenatal adversity, placental endocrine dysfunction and maternal depression
Supervisor: Professor Ros John

Title: Characterisation of enhanced bacterial immunotherapy to treat colorectal cancer
SupervisorDr Lee Parry

Title: Impact of dietary components on the intestinal stem cell homeostasis and cancer risk
Supervisor: Dr Lee Parry

Title: The role of neural stem cells and new neurons in regulating energy homeostasis
SupervisorDr David Petrik

Title: Molecular mechanisms underlying the anti-atherogenic actions of natural products
SupervisorProfessor Dipak Ramji

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Molecular biosciences

Title: Short and long-distance communication in cancer: Feedback regulation of Ras signalling in tumourigenesis and cachexia
Supervisor: Dr Fisun Hamaratoglu

Title: Making multiple sperm types in the same testis - Transcriptional control of sperm heteromorphy
Supervisor: Professor Helen White-Cooper

Title: Transcriptional regulation in Drosophila melanogaster testes
SupervisorProfessor Helen White-Cooper

Title: Better together: constructing engineered protein oligomers using synthetic biology
SupervisorProfessor Dafydd Jones

Title: Engineering biology for next-generation electronics: Building integrated bionanohybrid circuits by design.
SupervisorProfessor Dafydd Jones

Title: Simulations and analysis of DNA structure in relation to repair pathways
SupervisorDr Georgina Menzies

Title: Sensing local biomolecular environments with coherent optical nanoscopy
SupervisorProfessor Paola Borri and Professor Wolfgang Langbein (Physics)

Title: Shedding new light on single protein-lipid membrane interactions
SupervisorsProfessor Paola Borri and Professor Wolfgang Langbein (Physics)

Title: Deciphering the role of the intracellular domains of P2X7 in coupling to downstream signalling
SupervisorDr Mark Young

Title: Understanding plant stress and senescence to reduce food waste and improve food security
SupervisorsDr Hilary Rogers and Dr Carsten Muller

Title: Pollen-Pistil communication strategies during plant reproduction: Acceptance or Rejection
SupervisorsDr Barend H. J. de Graaf

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Organisms and environment

Title: Landscape ecology and genetics of Bornean species inhabiting a fragmented landscape
SupervisorsDr Pablo Orozco-terWengel and Professor Benoit Goossens

Title: Landscape genomics and local adaptation in livestock species
SupervisorsDr Pablo Orozco-terWengel

Title: Structure and function of insecticidal protein toxins
Supervisors:  Professor Colin Berry

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Title: A role for cholesterol metabolism in neurodevelopmental disorder
SupervisorProfessor Meng Li

Title: Identification of novel cortical interneuron regulators implicated in neuropsychiatric disorders
SupervisorProfessor Meng Li

Title: Modelling Setbp1 haploinsufficiency disorder using hESC derived neurons and cerebral organoid cultures
SupervisorsProfessor Meng Li and Dr Lucia Cardo

Title: A10 dopamine neurons: the missing link in cell therapeutics for Parkinson's disease?
SupervisorDr Mariah Lelos

Title: Does reduction of wild-type huntingtin in the adult brain affect cognitive function?
SupervisorDr Mariah Lelos

Title: Understanding the role of impairment in the autophagy-lysosomal pathway in order to develop medications for post-viral neurological dysfunction
SupervisorsDr Emyr Lloyd-Evans and Dr Helen Waller-Evans

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Make your own research proposal

Our academic supervisors are open to applications from self-funding students. You can contact staff members from the relevant research division to discuss potential research proposals: