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Professor Andrea Brancale

Professor Andrea Brancale

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

I graduated in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1996, and moved to Cardiff in 1997. I completed my PhD at Cardiff University in 2001 under the supervision of Professor McGuigan working on a novel class on anti-VZV (Varicella Zoster Virus) nucleosides.

Following a two year post-doctoral position under the supervision of Professor McGuigan, I was appointed lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry in 2002, Senior Lecturer in 2011 and promoted to Reader in 2015.

I am the Scientific Director of the Life Science Research Network Wales


PhD in Medicinal Chemistry. The Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff, 2001

Honours and awards

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  • PH1122  The role of the pharmacist in professional practice
  • PH1125  Chemical and biological properties of drug molecules
  • PH2112  Principles of drug design
  • PH3101  Optimisation of drug design
  • PH3202  Research methodology
  • PH4116  Pharmacy research or scholarship project
  • PH4117  Pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice and the population
  • PH3110  Optimisation of pharmaceutical care
  • Laboratory classes; Molecular Modelling workshops using MOE (Chemical Computing Group); Research Projects

Research interests

    • Computer-aided design and develpment of novel antiviral and anticancer agents
    • Molecular modeling software development

My group research is focused on the use of computer-aided techniques to understand biological problems and develop novel potential drugs. Some representative projects are described below.

Horizon 2020 ETN: ANTIVIRALS: European Training Network on Antiviral Drug Development

This European Consortium is focused on the training of excellent your researchers in the antiviral drug development. The overall research objective of ANTIVIRALS is to identify, design, and characterise novel inhibitors for different viruses and to develop them into potent lead candidates for antiviral therapy.

Development on novel and highly innovative anticancer drugs

In collaboration with Dr Richard Clarkson (European Cancer Stem Cell institute) and Prof Andrew Westwell (Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), we are developing novel and innovative anticancer agents. Our collaboration on these projects with the AIM listed biotech company Tiziana Life Sciences was recognized with the 2016 Innovation in Healthcare Award

Development of a haptic-driven molecular modeling environment

We are developing a novel immersive molecular modelling simulator where the user uses a haptic device to probe a biological target and its interactions with a potential drug, feeling the forces and molecular interactions on his/her hand while having complete three dimensional visual feedback.

Welsh Computer-Aided Drug Design Platform

We offer support to a variety drug discovery projects (from hit identification to lead optimisation) by providing guidance in the application of different computer-aided methodologies.

Key expertise
    • Computer-aided Drug Design methodologies (Structure-based drug design, Virtual screening, homology modelling)
    • Organic synthetic chemistry
    • Analytical spectroscopy (NMR, mass spectrometry)

I am the Editor-in Chief of Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy

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