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Stock image of coronavirus

Tackling infections that pass from animals to humans

24 January 2023

£6.6m in funding to train the next generation of scientists to identify and control zoonotic infections

Wastewater samples being collected at Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water treatment works

Testing wastewater for Covid-19 and communicable diseases

16 January 2023

Wastewater monitoring will now track levels of communicable diseases in hospitals.

Otter with fish

Scientists grow concerned for the genetic health of otters in the UK

15 November 2022

The genetic health of otters in Britain could be putting them at risk despite conservation efforts

Dr Nigel Francis

Bioscience academic shortlisted for national award in innovative education

8 November 2022

Dr Nigel Francis has been recognised for his #DryLabsRealScience project, started during the Covid-19 lockdown to bring laboratory classes and fieldwork to life

Anna Webberley

Meet Anna Webberley, Marsh Young Ornithologist of the Year 2022

7 November 2022

Anna is studying a BSc Biological Sciences and won this prestigious prize after reviving Cardiff University’s Ornithology Society

Asian elephants

New research highlights changes needed for Asian elephant conservation

18 October 2022

The most comprehensive analysis of Asian elephant movement and habitat preference to date found that elephants prefer habitats on the boundaries of protected areas, meaning they are more likely to come into contact with people

Martina Bonassera

Undergraduate is first author on paper revealing flaws in transparency about animal testing

14 October 2022

Martina Bonassera’s research found significant variation in the reporting of animal welfare practices in laboratory testing

WW challenge

Students’ Dŵr Cymru water conservation challenge

12 October 2022

Research students come up with innovative ways of saving water to combat increased demand and supply issues

Blue plaque unveiled for Thomas Graham Brown

Blue plaque unveiled to celebrate physiologist Professor Thomas Graham Brown

3 October 2022

The Physiological Society’s plaque scheme marks more than 100 years of cutting-edge physiology research at what is now Cardiff University

Recognition for outstanding lecturer

5 August 2022

Dr Nigel Francis awarded National Teaching Fellowship for impact on student learning and teaching