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Engagement and involvement

Our engagement and involvement activities form a central part of our research. We reach out to all stakeholders and engage with patients, healthcare providers, schools, funders, policy makers and industry.

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Our research on the immune system and the exploitation of our findings in the clinic have long-term impacts on science and society in Wales, the UK and globally.

Our Lay Faculty plays a crucial role in reviewing research priorities within the institute, overseeing the dissemination of our findings and fostering a close dialogue between our basic and clinical researchers with the general public.

Besides peer-reviewed publications and presentations at conferences our research findings are disseminated through press releases and are available on the Cardiff University website and in printed form through regular newsletters, and disseminated via our presence in social media including Facebook and Twitter.

We engage with the wider academic community by hosting scientific events and seminars in close partnership with professional bodies such as the British Society for Immunology. Several of our principal investigators act as Health and Care Research Wales Senior Research Leaders to support, advise and promote research in Wales.

We engage with patients to define real clinical need and inform them about findings that may be of direct relevance for understanding and managing their condition. Patients are also directly involved in our research via participating in HealthWise Wales, recruitment to clinical trials and observational studies, and donation of samples to tissue banks.

We develop workshops, seminars and exhibits that focus on all aspects of our research and work closely together with Techniquest Science Museum on public engagement activities. We participate in the public Science in Public Health Lectures series and are involved in events such as the Cardiff Science Festival and The National Eisteddfod.

We reach out to teachers and school children via the Science in Health: Live! events as part of Cardiff University's contribution to the National Science and Engineering Week, and via the STEM ambassador scheme.

For further information about our engagement activities, please contact:

Professor Matthias Eberl

Professor Matthias Eberl

Professor of Translational Immunology, Division of Infection and Immunity. Joint Academic Lead for Public Involvement and Engagement, School of Medicine.

+44 (0)29 2068 7011