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Systems Immunity Research Institute

Understanding and harnessing the immune system to ensure global public health


Study pinpoints SARS-CoV-2 Spike mutation that ‘escapes’ killer T-cells generated by infection and vaccination

5 August 2022

Cardiff University scientists urge monitoring of ‘viral escape’ – and warn vaccines may need altering

SARS-CoV-2-infected cells (cell nucleus in blue, cell surface in green and viral proteins in red)

Scientists shed new light on how SARS-CoV-2 evades the immune response in early infection

19 July 2022

New study could have implications for vaccine design

Cardiff University researchers to join £20m global study to tackle cancer in children

16 June 2022

Professor Andrew Sewell and team win funding from Cancer Grand Challenge


Translating cutting-edge research into new treatments and preventions

With a focus on infectious disease and pandemics, cancer, and neurological and complex immune-mediated inflammatory diseases


Building partnerships

Collaboration with the public, the NHS and industry to improve outcomes for patients


Ensuring public health for the future

By training the next generation of world-leading scientists to continue our research legacy

Chronic inflammation


Our systems biology-based research informs the development of novel diagnostics, therapies and vaccines against some of the greatest public health threats of our time.

Stock image of coronavirus

Our response to covid 19

We have been working with colleagues in NHS Wales, Public Health Wales and Welsh Government and have played important roles in UK-wide initiatives in virus sequencing and understanding the role of the immune system during COVID-19.

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We reach out to patients, healthcare professionals, schools, funders, policy makers and industry.