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About us

Understanding and harnessing the immune system to promote global public health.

Scientist in white coat shows children petridish

From cancer to inflammatory conditions, the immune system plays a fundamental role in acute and chronic diseases. By understanding the underlying mechanisms and manipulating their functions, we aim to develop clinical practices and treatments that have direct implications for patients across the world.

The Systems Immunity Research Institute is a centre of expertise for immunology and immunotherapy. With a focus on cancer, infectious diseases, immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and associated complications, we are committed to translating cutting-edge research that transforms the diagnosis, treatment, and quality-of-life for patients.

Our ambition is to advance public health for the future by developing new and improved diagnostics and treatments for disease and educating the public and next generation of scientists. Our Research Institute is the ideal environment to train and foster students and early career researchers, so that they can continue our legacy in understanding the role that the immune system plays in infectious and non-infectious diseases.

We engage with the local communities to provide education to help reduce transmission of infections. We also work closely with patient groups about future immune-based therapies in diseases ranging from inflammatory conditions to cancer. Through industrial partnerships, spinout companies and ventures, we place Wales as a centre of innovation in immunotherapy, making a difference to patients as well as contributing to the growth of the Welsh economy.

By applying our extensive knowledge of immune response to disease prevention, management and treatment, we can deliver medical innovation that will directly improve the lives of patients.
Professor Ian Humphreys Professor of Viral Pathogenesis and Lead Co-Director of Systems Immunity Research Institute