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New films show benefit of public involvement in research

1 March 2017

Public involvement in research

Members of the public have worked with Cardiff University staff to produce two short films highlighting the benefits of public involvement in research.

These films, supported by Cardiff University School of Medicine and Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support (ISSF) Funding, will be launched at the Involving People Network Annual Conference on 1st March 2017, at Cardiff City Stadium.

The film ‘Why get involved in Research?’ is aimed at members of the public and firstly tackles the subject of ‘why research is important’. It provides several options of how people in Wales can use their voice to make a difference to health and social care research.  Finally, it provides contact information on how members of the public can get involved in research in Wales.

Why get involved in Research? film

The ‘Public Involvement in Research’ film is aimed at academic researchers and features academic peers describing some of the many reasons why they involved members of the public in their research.  The film provides examples of the ways in which you can involve the public in the research cycle and effectively signposts researchers to the support, guidance and resources available in Wales.

Public Involvement in Research film

One of the key principles behind this project is that members of the public worked alongside University staff to develop and shape the project outcomes.

"I was very keen to involve members of the public in each stage of this project to ensure that the films correctly represented the ‘added-value’ benefits from both the academic researcher and member of the public perspective."

Sarah Hatch Engagement Manager

Dr Angela Martin, Policy Lead for Public Involvement and Engagement, Research and Development Division, Welsh Government said: “I am delighted with how these films have turned out and I hope they will be used as a resource across Wales to help promote our vision to create a culture whereby all Health and Social care research that takes place in Wales happens with the public, for the public.”

Barbara Moore, Senior Public Involvement & Engagement Manager, Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre said: “With many organisations in Wales having the same aim of embedding a culture where it becomes second nature to involve members of the public in research, it has been fantastic to have the opportunity to work with Cardiff University School of Medicine in producing these films.  We are very happy to be officially launching the films at our Involving People Network Annual Conference and will certainly be playing our part in their dissemination after that.”

Henry Yeomans, a member of the public involved in this project said: “I was pleased to be able to contribute to this project as it embodied for me the principles of public involvement at each stage of development from the initial concept to the launch of the finished film.”

"This has been an exciting project and it has been a great experience being involved from the start. I believe that everyone can play a part in research from university professors to the ordinary person dealing every day with the every day health problems they have and everyone in between. Just get involved - you have more to offer than you think."

Roy Norris, Lay person

Finally, Sarah added: “I hope these films will now be shared across research institutions in Wales and disseminated in as many public spaces as appropriate to encourage much more public involvement in research.  Many thanks go to everyone involved and featured in the films including Callapro Films.”

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