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We develop education applications aimed at teaching basic scientific concepts in a playful way.

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Our first game "MacMan" was developed in collaboration with the University of South Wales and was launched in January 2018.
This game illustrates how macrophages engulf and kill potentially dangerous bacteria and prevent infection. This is the case for bacteria such as Escherichia coli, a frequent cause of diarrhoea and urine infections.

However, certain types of bacteria have adapted to survive inside macrophages and escape the immune response such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the cause of TB.

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Telomere Crisis start page.

Telomere Crisis

Telomeres are caps on our chromosomes that normally protect the chromosomes, but when they become short this protective role is impaired. Cancer patients with short telomeres have a poor prognosis.

In this minigame you hunt for cells with short telomeres.

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