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Our four year PhD programme in Systems Immunity is committed to providing an outstanding research environment and training experimental, clinical and theoretical immunologists.

PhD programme

Our emphasis is on training a new generation of highly skilled interdisciplinary researchers equipped for the demands of increasingly common 'big data' projects, specifically those utilising 'omics approaches, large clinical datasets and mathematical modelling.

We recruit from a broad profile of undergraduate disciplines, from the biological to computer sciences, and provide core training in bioinformatics and biostatistics or laboratory sciences drawn from our MSc courses, as appropriate for the individual student. All students are assigned mentors for the course of their studies as part of a proactive support structure.

The PhD programme in Systems Immunity commenced in 2015 and recruits three postgraduate students per year. Funding is awarded to the most competitive applicants and pays stipend (standard research council rates), fees ('home rate' for UK and EU students) and consumables.


For further information, please email the Institute's Postgraduate Research Team or Postgraduate Research Director:

Professor Philip Taylor

Professor Philip Taylor

Professor of Translational Immunology, Division of Infection and Immunity. PGR Lead, Systems Immunity Research Institute.

+44 (0)29 2068 7328