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Your performance on your chosen pre-sessional course will be assessed in a variety of different ways.

Successful completion of your course is defined as:

  • at least 90% attendance/engagement
  • completion of all assessments and tests
  • an overall pre-sessional assessment score of
    • at least 40% for academic programmes requiring 6.5 IELTS
      (12 and 8 week programmes)
    • at least 50% for academic programmes requiring 7.0 IELTS
      (10 week programme).

Former 20-week students following the 12-week Pre-sessional Plus programme: you will have received an email about the assessment for your course.

Assessment methods

Your final pre-sessional score will be based on the following three summative assessments:

An extended academic style essay

The essay, which must follow a model provided by the course tutor, should be between 1,200-1,300 words, and contain a discursive element.

35% of final mark

Speaking assessment

You will be required to give an individual presentation of 5-6 minutes in length which will be formally assessed. The topic of the presentation will be related to students’ onward programme of study.

25% of final mark

End-course test

Based on the academic and study skills you have learnt during the course, consisting of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and a written data analysis exercise.

40% of final mark

The following formative, practice tests are compulsory but do not count towards your final score:

Mid-course practice test - all courses

This consists of listening comprehension, reading comprehension and written data analysis.

Language and skills task – 12 week course only

This task will consist of:

  • language evaluation – exercises to practise grammar and vocabulary areas used within academic English
  • skills evaluation – exercises to assess students’ ability in listening and note-taking, reading and note-taking, written production and oral presentation of opinions.