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Biomedical and life sciences

From psychology to medicine, our impact continues to reach far beyond the world-class journals in which it is published.

We take an integrated approach to all aspects of health and bioscientific research. Internationally-respected results have been achieved at all stages of the medical research process, from laboratory science through drug development to major clinical trials. This "bench to bedside" strategy is embodied in two of our flagship Research Institutes.

Biological samples

Integrative biosystems

To deliver research-led innovations across the entire life sciences (‘molecules to the biosphere’) through integrative science that makes a tangible difference to our society and planet.

DNA Sequencing


Understanding the molecular basis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer, and its translation into improved care and cures for cancer patients.

Petri dish

Immunology, infection and inflammation

Our ambition is to deliver public and patient benefit by identifying both the causes of disease and novel treatment strategies.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

Mind, brain and neuroscience

We aim to implement a unique ‘synapse to society’ translational pipeline to deliver an integrated, strategically focused research programme.

Medical results and stethoscope

Population health

Promoting health and well-being by seeking to tackle the major public health issues within society today.