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DNA Sequencing

Cancer research strengths within the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences cover the full spectrum of pre-clinical, translational and clinical research.

The main strengths of our theme are focused in four inter-related sub-themes:

Tumour and Environment

Our researchers work together to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumourigenesis, the importance of cancer stem cells and the tumour micro-environment in the aetiology of tumours, and the abnormalities by which tumour heterogeneity results in treatment-resistant phenotypes.

Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery

Through improved understanding of the origin and behaviour of tumours, our investigators identify targets for controlling and curing tumours, design and test novel therapies directed at these targets, using pre-clinical models.

Personalised Cancer Genetics

Using patient-derived biological specimens from Wales Cancer Bank and other biobanks, our researchers identify genetic biomarkers in tumours which allow us to identify at-risk individuals, diagnose tumours earlier, determine prognosis and predict the treatment most likely to benefit individual patients.

Clinical Trials

Our clinical investigators improve access of patients in Wales and beyond to Phase I and randomised controlled trials of the latest developments in drug, radiotherapy and biological therapeutics.


  • To achieve and sustain recognition as a national leader and global competitor in cutting-edge Cancer research, through high-impact publications and improved grant capture.
  • To integrate and grow the cancer research community in Cardiff University, fostering collaborative research excellence, across Schools within the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences and with other Colleges.
  • To maintain and extend areas of current research strength e.g. genetic instability; cancer stem cell and signalling research, including ex vivo and in vivo models; drug target identification and validation; tumour biobanking and stratified medicine; clinical trials, especially in leukaemias, breast, colo-rectal and prostate cancers; palliative and supportive care.
  • To build capacity and ensure sustainable critical mass in a small number of strategically-important, emerging areas of strength e.g. immuno-therapeutics and gene-based systemic anti-cancer therapies; clinical trials of molecular radiotherapy; prevention and early diagnosis of cancer.
  • To facilitate the development of the next generation of cancer researchers, cancer clinicians and clinician-scientists, through research-led teaching and high-quality post-graduate training,
  • To improve the treatment of cancers, for the benefit of cancer patients, their families and carers, including development of our translational pipeline of locally-developed therapies into clinical trials.
  • To work with the NHS, Third Sector and commercial partners in Wales and beyond on innovative approaches and technologies which directly impact on improved diagnosis and treatment of current and future cancer patients or which reduce the incidence and improve outcomes of cancers in our community through improved prevention and early diagnosis of cancers.

Theme Lead

Professor Awen Gallimore

Professor Awen Gallimore


+44 (0)29 2068 7018

Associate Theme Leads

Dr Joanna Zabkiewicz

Dr Joanna Zabkiewicz

Research Associate

+44 29207 42499
Dr Steven Knapper

Dr Steven Knapper

Clinical Reader

+44 29207 45379