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Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute

Innovating for healthy brains and minds.


World leading research

We drive innovation in neuroscience and mental health.


Investing in the future

We support the next generation of neuroscience mental health researchers.


Collaborative impact

We work in partnership to advance neuroscience and mental health research and to deliver impact.

Adrian Harwood holding a cell culture


We offer an exceptional research environment with world class facilities for all areas of neuroscience.

lab facilities


Learn all about our ground breaking research facilities

Cardiff/Bristol Neuroscience Research Collaboration

Learn more about our long history of collaboration with the University of Bristol.

Our challenge areas

Harnessing genomics to big data

Combining genomics with the power of big data has great potential to unlock new insights into the stratification of brain disorders and develop routes to personalised treatment.

Exploiting the power of neuroscience

A major challenge is to translate genomic findings into disease relevant biology.

New treatments

We use genomics, combined with advances in neuroscience methods and data science, to contribute to the development of safer and more effective medicines for the personalised treatment of mental health and brain disorders.

Improving societal mental health

We recognise that mental health and brain disorders are societal challenges. 75% of mental health problems start before the age of 18.

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