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Arts, humanities and social sciences

Our research into all aspects of social and cultural life is recognised as world leading and in demand from policy-makers, the professions and a curious public.

We focus on some of the longest-established fields of human academic endeavour, such as history, law and music, providing a continually-updated knowledge base for the professions; asking questions about the development of our societies; and examining pressing contemporary issues.

Financial district in London

Business, economies and employment

Helping to build resilient and diverse economies, from multinationals to SMEs.

Civil society and communities

Civil society and communities

Analysing civil societies to understand the communities within them

Lady Justice

Conflict, security and crime

Understanding the impact of conflict and how to improve security and tackle crime.

Welsh Assembly debating chamber

Governance and public policy‬

Examining how countries are governed and public policy is developed.

Adult helping senior in hospital

Health, education and wellbeing‬

Improving policy on health, education and wellbeing for a fairer, safer and more caring society.

Stained glass window

Heritage and culture

Understanding the impact of cultural activity on society and exploring our past.

Bottle Cap Flags

Language and identity

Exploring how language is used and lost, and identity created.