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Physical sciences and engineering

We are delivering profound new insights into the physical and engineering world - and beyond.

The instruments we design are probing the furthest reaches of space as our researchers interpret what the results say about the origins and nature of the cosmos. Cardiff's scrutiny is also directed underneath the oceans and below the earth's crust, working with bioscientists to comprehend the micro-organisms surviving in these extreme conditions.

A closeup of some molecular structures.

Catalysts, advanced materials and structures

From developing self-healing concrete to discovering the true potential of gold our research is enhancing and manipulating materials to achieve real impact.

Wind turbines

Energy and sustainability

Our world-class researchers are working to advance energy technology and ensure a more sustainable future.

City at night

Global security, hazards and health

Our inter-disciplinary research teams are developing innovative techniques to combat the ever-increasing threat to global health and security.

Earth and stars in sapce

Our world and the universe

From the world we live in to the universe we seek to understand our inter-disciplinary research is expanding the boundaries of human knowledge.