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Digital Transformation Innovation Institute

Leading the transformation to a secure, fair, and resilient digital age for all.


Driving digital innovation

We are delivering new and disruptive capability in partnership and collaboration with communities and beneficiaries most likely to be impacted by innovation.



We focus on the interplay between people, processes and technologies bringing together researchers from social science, business studies, engineering, computer science and other disciplines.


Responsible innovation

We are putting responsible innovation at the very heart of digital transformation, aiming for wider positive societal and economic changes achieved in an ethical, secure, and responsible way.

Work with us

Find out how the Digital Transformation Innovation Institute can support your work.


We deliver applied impact for beneficiaries and enablers of digital transformation.

Professor Colin Riordan signs the Airbus Centre of Excellence agreement


We've successfully developed solutions that engage both public and private sector stakeholders, fostering impactful relationships.

Research themes


Find out how we can help with digital transformation in healthcare.

Supply chains and logistics

Find out how we can improve your efficiency through digital transformation of your supply chain logistics.


Find out how we can help you improve your transportation through digital transformation.

Finance and the economy

Find out how we can support digital transformation of your fintech and finance work.

Uncertainty and the Future

Find out how we aim to develop and apply innovative solutions to understand and communicate uncertainty and examine its implications for policy and decision-making.

Enabling technologies

Our digital technologies can help you transform your ways of working.

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