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Senior staff expenses

We publish directly reimbursed expenses for senior staff who are members of the University Executive Board.

All expense claims and payments made to senior members of the University are in accordance with the University's financial regulations. These apply to all staff and are reviewed and approved annually by the University Council.

At present publication is only of those expenses incurred in the course of carrying out these managerial roles, and not those arising from academic research.  In general we do not ask academics to account for their research spending through this channel, research spending is accounted for through standard academic processes.

Expenses are published quarterly (in line with our financial year, which starts on 1 August and runs to 31 July) and are purely out of pocket expenses for members of the University Executive Board.

We are conscious of the need for value for money and the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. Staff at all levels use email, telephone or video conference and other methods to ensure that they can engage with a wide range of people and organisations while reducing the amount of travel they do.

Senior staff have different roles and functions. Some roles are focussed mostly within the University, while others are required to engage more widely beyond the University, Wales, or the UK. This is reflected in the expenses that staff claim.