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French DELF-DALF 'Tous Publics'

We are an examination centre representing the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni for qualifications awarded and recognised by the French Ministry of National Education.

We offer the Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française and the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française. We also run language courses that can help you prepare for these examinations.

DELF-DALF Format evolution

Please note that DELF-DALF examinations are evolving.

Changes now effective

  • DELF B1: a slightly longer Reading Comprehension
    • Listening Comprehension (25min) / Reading Comprehension (45min) / Writing (45min)
  • DALF C1/C2: there are no more speciality options

About the new format

Since 2020, a new format for all DELF A1 to B2 has been introduced. The Listening and Reading Comprehensions include only multiple-choice questions and more documents. Since then, both the new and old formats have coexisted and this is still the case for this year, 2024 Candidates should therefore be prepared to answer both open questions and multiple-choice questions as they may encounter the old format when they sit their examination.

Please note that neither format provides an advantage in terms of difficulty, as the examinations are calibrated for each level.

The above is explained in French by France Education International as follows:

La production et la validation psychométrique de ces épreuves ont été ralenties du fait de la crise sanitaire internationale. La période de transition (coexistence des deux formats d’épreuves de compréhension en circulation) a ainsi été redéfinie, tout en veillant à la réduire à son maximum. L’objectif pour une distribution exclusive des épreuves au nouveau format (niveaux A1 à B2) est fixé pour 2023-2024.

Rappel important: aucun format n’avantage ni ne désavantage la réussite de l’examen.

Exam fees and timetable

Exam fees apply to both internal and external candidates. In Cardiff, examinations take place in June each year, with registration during March and April with a final deadline of 30 April 2024.

LevelFeeWritten exam date
(June 2024)
Oral exam date
(June 2024)
A1£903 June3 June
A2£954 June4 June
B1£1256 June6 or 7 June
B2£14011 June11 or 12 June
C1£18513 June13 or 14 June
C2£21519 June19 or 20 June

Results will be available mid-August.

Practice papers and resources

From the France Education International website you can download resources to prepare for the DELF and DALF qualifications as well as find a number of recommended coursebooks.


To register for the exam please complete and return the registration form by email to

Please email us to receive the link to pay online securely. Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation of enrolment. Closer to the examination date you will receive a statement of entry confirming the exam date and time.


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