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Our research community of academics and scholars are committed to producing world-class research and we have maintained a strong international reputation for excellence.

From the interpretation of disaster and conflict, to investigations of ideology and contemporary social movements; from mobility and migration to translation, culture and performance; and from film, to literature, to the graphic novel, our research explores an exciting and diverse range of topics.

Current staff projects include monographs on Zola and adaptation across media; visual cultures of World War 1; cultural memory and the Spanish Civil War; the meaning of 1989 for European history and culture; theatre, translation and migration in British and Italian cultures, and otherness in Hispanic visual cultures.

We have received over £800,000 of research funding from 2008-2013, from organisations such as the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, Welsh Government, the University of Chicago and from European institutions such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Great attention is paid to providing postgraduate students with the facilities and supervision which the successful completion of postgraduate research requires. We offer full and part-time PhD and MPhil opportunities, with supervision available across a wide range of research themes.

Early career fellowships

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from potential applicants for 2020 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships.

Research interests

  • Translation, adaption and multimediality (especially radio adaptation)
  • Translation in/and performance
  • Representing mobility and migration including cultures of travel and transportation (in literature and photography)
  • Post-colonial and transnational literatures, cultures and identities
  • Peripheral and minority cultures and identities
  • The study of socialist and post-socialist Europe
  • Comparative NGO and civil society studies
  • Zizek and ideology studies
  • Lacanian cultural (especially film) analysis
  • Popular cultures especially crime fictions and film
  • Comics and graphic fiction


We work with organisations such as the Imperial War Museum, Literature Wales, BRAND (Berlin), NUR (KOds) and Générale d’imaginaire (Lille), and cultural and media programming organisations to inform and shape exhibitions, campaigns and media activity.

We share our knowledge: we co-produced the digital live event publishing platform Book Kernel; improved accessibility to Dylan Thomas’ work through multilingual translational activity; and initiated a Wales-wide triple literacy scheme ‘Mother Tongue, Other Tongue’ for schools in partnership with CILT Cymru and Literature Wales.

We work locally with a number of communities and organisations to make our research insights relevant and beneficial to the communities in which we are situated.

Case studies

University students mentoring school pupils


Digi-Languages is an online experience which encourages its users, year 9 school pupils, to engage in questions which challenge mono-lingual and mono-cultural perceptions.